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  • Windows Phone Apollo scheduled for November
  • Nokia Lumia 900 gets Camera Extras update
  • Samsung Focus v1.4 users will now be receiving latest updates
  • Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 80,000 apps
  • “Disappearing Keyboard” Update is now being delivered


1.  The Apollo UPDATE– available for all new Windows Phone 8 devices

  • Dual Core Phones
  • New Wallet features
  • Higher Screen Resolutions
  • Background Audio and Multi-tasking
  • Improved App performance
  • NFC communication technology

2.  The Mango UPDATE— available for all Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices

  • better Facebook intergration
  • Twitter integration
  • Threading: better insant messaging and updates
  • Hardware-accelerated HTML5 full web broswer
  • better multi-tasking and in-background apps
  • call log features
  • battery saver
  • Bing Local Scout
  • and 500 other new features ( See HD screenshots)

3.   The NoDo UPDATE

  • provides  stability
  • minor bug fixes
  • copy-paste functionality
  • search enhancements

The situation in Windows Phone 7 stands like this: Microsoft released its Nodo updates around January/ February but because carrier complications, has not been able to deliver it. Carriers, specifically AT&T, have been accused of delaying updates by running unnecessary and lengthy “tests.”


Most WP7 users are looking forward to the Mango Update, having been unable to download a pre-release update to NoDo( which ended up crashing several phones) and the actual NoDo. The Mango update  promises to be a large revision of the platform. HD screenshots of some major “Mango” features are now available.

As shown, The NoDo update consists of minor improvements ( expect Mango to be a major update, boasting over 500 improvements)

Those users who still have not received the NoDo update, will be OK with Mango, as the Mango update applies to both NoDo-updated phones and those without the NoDo update.


The NoDo update was simply a update failure for three reasons: one, it took so long for Microsoft to develop it, two, because of the carriers this update has not been released to many phones and lastly, because those who have this update found how little it actually it contains. Microsoft’s partner carrier, AT&T, unnecessarily delayed NoDo update, making Microsoft look bad as Redmond had promised to deliver the NoDo update as early as January 2011.
To their credit, Microsoft seeks to redeem themselves with the major Mango update… Let’s hope they are successful– if not their benefit,then for our benefit. Windows Phone has great potential, but since Microsoft released the platform early without much testing and bug anaysis, Windows Phone unfortantely shipped in somewhat of a buggy state. Many features expected in smartphones are not included, to some degree, in Windows Phone. As of  Summer 2011, Windows Phone has a small single digit market share, making Redmond’s task more urgent than ever. Mango is expected to redeem the platform in the eyes of the public…just from critic reviews of Mango, Redmond has been praised for getting Windows Phone right this time.


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