Who’s Who in Microsoft

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Steve BallmerCEO, Microsoft.

Famous for his humorous personality, authoritative demeanor when called for, and passion and ambition for Microsoft.

Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft

Famous for his role as the “guy in charge of marketing Microsoft as a company”, instrumental in leading the movement to place Microsoft Stores across the country. Very vocal against Apple, Google and Microsoft competition.

Peter Klein
Peter Klein: Chief Financial Officer, Microsoft

Famous for interpreting financial figures for Microsoft events and Microsoft Earnings Calls

Craig Mundie
Craig Mundie: Chief Research and Strategy Officer

Famous for reporting directly to Ballmer, overseeing Microsoft Research, and planning Microsoft’s ” long-term technology strategy”

Andrew Lees

Andrew Lees: President, Microsoft

Famous for his former job as President of the Windows Phone division.

Kurt DelBene

Kurt DelBene: President, Office Division

Famous for overseeing all Office products and developments.

Steven Sinofsky: President, Windows Division

Famous for his calm, business-like manner, and for his former overseeing of the Office Team… Known as Microsoft’s most reliable executive and perhaps the most successful Division President.

Qi Lu

Andrew Lees: President, Online Services Divison

Famous leading keynotes at the Bing Search Summit. Spokes person for Bing and search.

Tony Bates

Tony Bates: President, Skype Division (Microsoft).

Famous for being the former President of Skype prior to Microsoft’s acquisition. He now heads the Skype Division of Microsoft.

Tami Reller

Tami Reller: Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Vice President, Windows and Windows Live Division.

Famous for her demos of the Windows user experience for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Demoed Windows 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011, WPC11, and WPC12

Julie Larson Green
Julie Larson-Green:, Corporate Vice President, Windows Home Experience

Famous for overseeing Windows 7 development, overseeing Office XP 2003, and 2007, considered by some as the most powerful and influential woman in Microsoft.

Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie: Corporate Vice President , Serve and Business Tools,

Famous for his web development demos and keynotes at the MIX conference. Considered the leading Microsoft expert in development tools and services.

Michael Angiulo

Michael Anguilo: Corporate Vice President, Windows Planning, Hardware & PC Ecosystem.

Famous for his keynotes at CES and Computex. Specializes in hardware exhibitions at many different shows and venues.


Steve Guggenheimer

Steven Guggenheimer: Corporate Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division (OEM Division, Microsoft).

Famous for showcasing new Windows hardware. In his role, he is responsible of overseeing all pre-installed versions of Windows as well as discussing partnerships with OEM and Microsoft.


Joe Belfiore
Joe Belfiore:  Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Product Manager

Famous for his very personal and open Windows Phone demos, and his humorous personality.

Dave Cutler

Dave Cutler: Technical Fellow, Microsoft

Famous for introducing 64-bit computing and leading the Windows NT group. He is considered among the top programmers worldwide. He now works in the Xbox team  at the Interactive and Entertainment Division.



Jensen Harris: Director of Program Management, Windows and Windows Live Division

Famous for being the first to demo the Windows 8 User Experience and for his top-rated keynote “Eight Traits of a Great Metro-style App” at the BUILD conference in Anaheim.


Scott Seiber: Principal Program Manager, Windows Planning & PC Ecosystem Team.

Famous for  publicly demoing the Windows 8 user experience on ARM for the first time.


Phil Spencer

Phil Spence:, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios

Famous for his keynotes and game announcements during E3

Marc Whitten

Marc Whitten: Corporate Vice President, Xbox Live

Famous for leading Xbox keynotes and announcements during Xbox Global Media Briefing at E3.

Source: Microsoft Press Pass

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  1. Nice read. Makes a change to read something actually interesting instead of looking at idiotic updates on twitter!

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