Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Comprehensive Game Review

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Genre: Racing

Players: 1

Co-op: None

HD: Up to 1080p

3D: Yes

Force Feedback Wheel: Yes

Sound: In-Game Dolby Digital

Family Settings: Yes

ESRB Rating: image_thumb[3]

Button Layout

RT– Accelerate                RS– Change Camera Angle

LT– Brake                        LS– Steer

RB– None                        D-Pad– Weapons

LB– None

Total Score : StarStarStarStar(Amazing)


best racing game award NFS Hot Pursuit received Best Racer of 2010 awarded by Premier Microsoft.




metascore-nfshpNFS Hot Pursuit awarded 88/100 by Metacritic.



bafta-award for nfshp

NFS Hot Pursuit won the BAFTA video game award for Multiplayer

nfs gamespot     NFS Hot Pursuit was awarded an 8.5 by  Gamespot




ign-score nfshpNFS Hot Pursuit won IGN’s Editor’s Choice and an IGN score of 9.0


What Critics Say

it almost feels like 2.5 games in one package – Gamesradar

The best Need for Speed in many years–  Xbox 360 UK Mag

All about the thrill.—Gamespy

Pure over-the-top driving entertainment. — IGN

Details for Xbox Live

Online: 2-8 Players                          Content Download: Yes

File Sharing: N/A                              Voice: Yes


Developer: Criterion Games             Release Year: 2010

Publisher:  Electronic Arts                 Version: 1.2 ( Xbox 360)

Designer: Matt Follett                         Producer: Matt Webster

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Graphics:  StarStarStarStarStar

The cars looked stunning. The scenery is breath-taking. The physics and effects are spot on… it all complements nicely in a very driven and energized driving experience.

Cars can be customized to a degree and the map is not a separate series of racing events but rather a unified, drivable environment.


Gameplay is fun and engaging. Choose from a Career Mode where you choose to be a Cop or Racer. Autolog helps you track your friend’s racing times, so that you are always one button away from challenging your friends to a race. In Multiplayer mode, Autolog tracks the your friend’s racing activities and allows you to race in the same Campaign maps but with thousands of other racers.

Just for kicks, you can freely drive any car in your collection without


The folks at Criterion Games really nailed the sound in Hot Pursuit. From the shrill of a Lamborghini to the low rumble of a Camaro, the puppies in this race certainly feel and sound like the real deal.

Lasting Appeal   StarStarStarStarStar

There are several different Car packs that one can buy. In addition, many extra cars can be purchased separately. There are also plenty of new maps and new Racing events that can be separately purchased.

All the races in the Career Mode can be replayed and the fact that you can always challenge your friend’s racing times bring a new level of competition that is sure to last for a long time.l

Presentation StarStarStar

The menus are organized… but the Career layout is a tad confusing. The main menu is clear and works well… of course, although minor gripes, the game could benefit from a clearer menu layout…

As far as actual gameplay, Hot Pursuit does a great job of laying out the Map, Accelerator Meter and other essential components of the racing experience.

We also have problems with the annoying hospital-alarm intro music… and the cheesy music that unfortunately accompanies many of the racing events.

You can also toggle the camera or change camera views… in general, the game itself is slick and well presented…

MW3 Comprehensive Game Review

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Genre: Shooter

Players: Campaign-Single

Offline Players- 2-4

Offline Co-op- 2-4

System Link- 1-4

Co-op- Two or more

Multiplayer- 2-18 Players

Co-op: 2-4 ( offline)

HD: Up to 1080p(scaled)

3-D: No

Button Layout for MW3

RT– Fire                               RS– Look( Click for Melee)          X– Use/ Reload

LT– Aim Down Sight          LS– Move(Click to Sprint)             B– Crouch/Prone

RB– Flag Grenade             D-Pad- Inventory                            A-Jump

LB– Special Grenade        Y– Switch Weapon

ESRB: image

Total Score : StarStarStarStar(Amazing)


editor's choice game award    IGN editor's choice game

gamespot-mw3    metacritic score for mw3

What Critics Say

One startlingly huge, polished, and downright entertaining shooter experience– Official Xbox Mag

We still can’t get enough.—GamesRadar

too damn addicting to pass up. IGN

iterates rather than innovates, so the fun you have is familiar . – Gamespot

Details for Xbox Live

Online: 2- 18 players                         Content Download: Yes

File Sharing: Yes                              Voice: Yes


Developer: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games             Release Year: 2011

Publisher:  Activision                                                           Version 1.04 (Xbox 360)

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Mw3 Manual and Resources

MW3 Game Manual

Official Game Manual

Guides and Walkthroughs

imageIGN Walkthrough for “Hunter Killer”

IGN Walkthrough for “Black Tuesday”



Achievement Lists

IGN Achievement List for MW3

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This really feels like the expansive, immersive world it’s meant to be. Rich textures, great character models, and fabulous scenery… from the Eiffel Tower to the rusted Somalian outposts, this is truly another world..


The campaign is absolutely fabulous. It is rich, immersive, and completely envelops you into hours of gameplay. Co-op is as fun as the number of players engaged… and multiplayer, well… .for those long-time COD fans, multiplayer is as great as ever…. of course, the campaign shines too bright, while Co-op mode seems to dim… hmm…


The ambiance and sound effects are spot-on. From the shrill of a Black Hawk to the steady rumble of machine gun fire, MW3 lacks nothing in how warfare sounds….the killer sound is probably the buzzing radio as it steadily calls out “Target sighted at 3’o’clock”

Lasting Appeal   StarStarStarStar

The campaign is mind-boggling… but it would have been nice if the folks at Infinity Ward had rolled up their sleeves and tackled the Co-op gameplay…the multiplayer is not too special…. as far as lasting appeal, it seems like the developers poured their heart and soul into the campaign, and left other things untouched.

Presentation StarStarStarStarStar

Menus are clear and sleek. Every mission begins with a dazzling ( but pleasant) briefing. Menus, maps, notes, and videos sprawl all over the screen, as the gamer is given the situation behind the mission he is about to play. The briefings are certainly non-intrusive and give the anxious gamer some eye-candy while he awaits the mission to load. In general, the game menu hierarchy is structured phenomenally well.

Those mission briefings are truly a big piece of the puzzle… they remind you why you did throw 60 bucks at a DVD disc….