How to Download a Torrent

Difficulty:  Moderately Easy          Time: Little to Much

English: A download symbol.

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So you want to enter the confusing world of Torrents. Yep, it’s a dangerous and thrilling universe. Here’s how to get started. Note: We do not endorse the use of Torrent files to steal copyrighted material

  • First, you need to install a Torrent Client, a program that allows you to open and download torrent files. Here are a few examples of Torrent clients.
  •  utorrent
  • and bit torrent   


  •  Now you have to go to a Torrent website. There are many… so choose one…… now browse for the  song, book, or other file you want. The largest Torrent  website is Piratebay.
  • Great! Now that you have found the file in the torrent website, make sure it is not protected by copyright law:), Look for the little red magnet icon and click on Get this Torrent.  This is the fastest method of downloading the torrent.
  • screen1
  • The torrent client will now begin to download your file.
  • Always get the file that has been the most downloaded; make sure it has the most seeders, which indicates the file is most likely valid and contains no viruses.
  • Wait patiently and then you are done.
  • Please note that torrents are meant to be used responsibly. We are not responsible if copyright law punishes you for downloading files with copyright.

Windows 8 and SkyDrive: One Beautiful Union

One of the big reasons why people should pick up a limber Windows 8 tablet, or get their hands on a heavy duty Windows 8 PC is the SkyDrive integration. Like a beautiful couple, SkyDrive will be a major integrated component of the Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft will natively build SkyDrive folders into the Windows 8 OS, allowing people to access their SkyDrive files and pictures right from their computer.

Folder path is Mike Torres > SkyDrive > SkyDrive camera roll. Images in folder are shown as thumbnails, and a scrollbar indicates additional images.

Of course, SkyDrive is much more than just a storage client. It can serve as the connection between one of your Windows 8 PCs. Say, for instance, you go on a trip and fail to take important files with you. Getting access to your files is as easy as logging into your SkyDrive account to get to your files.

How to Remove a Virus


Troubleshoot and Fix your Problems Fast!

Difficulty: Moderately Hard     Time: Considerable

In order to remove a virus from your computer, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you are logged on to your computer image
  2. Launch Task Manager
  3. Click the Processes tab
  4. If you know the name of the virus, look for it and Right-click the process, then click End process. If the operation was successful open Windows Explorer, type %appdata%, image and look for a file with a suspicious name.  ( Some known virus names are: isecurity, privacyprotec, etc.)app data virus
  5. Delete the suspicious file. You have now removed the virus from your computer
  6. If the operation was not successful and you could not open Task Manager, proceed to step 7.
  7. Turn off from the computer.
  8. Start the computer
  9. When BIOS ( or the Manufacturer’s name) appears,  hit the F12key on the keyboard.
  10. Select Safe Mode ( you can also select Safe Mode with Networking Support, if you are confident Networking will not further endanger your computer)
  11. After you have logged in, in Safe Mode,open Windows Explorer type %appdata%,image and look for a file with a suspicious name.
  12. Delete the suspicious file. You have now removed the virus from your computer
  13. If you were not able to locate the virus in Safe Mode, using Explorer and typing “%appdata%”, proceed to the next step.
  14. Open your Antivirus program,  and run a Quick Scan.image
  15. The antivirus program will warn you of the virus, click the appropriate action to Remove the virus.