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About windows(utility)-

About WindowsA utility in Windows that allows you to see what version of Windows you are running.( it can be accessed by way of the Run Command : winver)

Action Center

imageThe streamlined Security and Notification Center in Windows 7,informing the users of any and all security vulnerabilities and important maintenance notifications such as “Set up Backup”

Active X

Web extension technology developed by Microsoft to run scripts that allows a browser to see what software is running on a person’s computer.

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Address bar (explorer)


A bread-crumb style navigation for Windows Explorer

Address bar (internet explorer)


Input navigation for entering a website’s address



Bing is a proprietary search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation- it is distinctive for its Homepage Image, Facebook Integration, Twitter Integration and other functionality

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Bing for ipad-

Bing for iPadApp developed by Microsoft for the Apple iPad- it is characterized for its fluid UI, visual searches, and Lasso searches.

Bing ( iPhone app)-

Bing AppiPhone app developed by Microsoft Corporation is similar to its web mobile counterpart but adds more local functionality, HTML5 video, and fluid HTML5 interface


Control Panel-

imageSystem utility within the Windows Operating System that allows general changes to System and Security(see entry), Personalization(see entry), and Regional changes. Control Panel also grants users a list of installed programs, installed updates and hotfixes, as well as turning on or off any Windows features.


imageCopying is defined as the process by which a user instructs the software to duplicate files from a location to another location. Duplication in the same location results in the following conflict:



Desktop Icon


Desktop icon is the name designated to any UI icon that is found within the Desktop. The desktop may also contain a Shortcut (as shown by the “Internet Explorer 9 Shortcut”) or can simply be the actual file or application ( as seen by the file “ dotta’s recipe”, a Microsoft Word document.

Device manager

imageDevice Manager is a comprehensive console utility for the management of devices, including any drivers or adapters connected to the system. It has been featured in Windows since Windows XP

Date and time ( utility)

imageDate and Time is a feature utility within Windows Vista and 7 that provides date and time in different regions and time zones, and allows you to add additional clocks of different time zones/regions.


Set of APIs used in Windows and Windows applications.

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Disk Defragmenter

disk defragmenterSoftware utility within Windows.

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Explorer( Windows component)-

imageWindows Explorer is a proprietary software component of Windows. For more, see entry “Windows Explorer” under the letter “W”




Folder is the name designated to any UI icon that contains several documents, images or other folders. Folders can be named, selected, arranged ; they also display a preview of their contents. Folder are generally used to group or categorize a common set of files.



The kernel is the most core section of the Windows Operating System. Usually referred to to as the heart of the OS, the kernel includes critical drivers and core applications and services as the communicator between core applications and the computer data processing.



imageWindows Live Messenger is a live communication software that allows live text and video chat between users.

Microsoft security essentials

image Security Essentials is an antivirus and malware solution developed by Microsoft. It is licensed for free to all genuine copies of Windows licenses.

Microsoft word 2o10

imageWord 2010 is the most recent version of Microsoft Word, a proprietary software productivity application developed by Microsoft Corporation. It handles, edits and creates reports, brochures, and the like…

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Notification Area

imageNotification Area is a section within the Taskbar designed to relay notifications and statuses of common system utilities. For instance, “Computer Protected”, “Wi-fi Off”, “Volume Muted.” In addition, Notification area provides the desired time zone for both Time and Day. The Area also is the home to notifications from the Action Center ( see entry).

Notepad( Windows application)

imageNotepad is an application bundled within Windows that allows for basic text editing and simple font formatting.

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NT Kernel

Kernel in the Windows Operating System that was first featured in Windows NT. The NT kernel made its first consumer debut with Windows 95.

.NET Framework

Development framework introduced by Microsoft for software development ; part of the Windows software architecture.



imagePaint is a software utility included within Windows that allows basic image editing supporting .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .bmp formats. It allows for cropping, resizing and rotating as well as brushes and text insertion.

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Power Options


Power Options is a centralized console that allows users to tweak the battery life performance, adjust delays for hibernation and sleep, and customize the function of the physical buttons on the computer.

Program manager

Program Manager developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows 95, was the predecessor to Windows Explorer, serving as the file manager for Windows 95.


recycle bin

imageRecycle Bin is the component of Windows that gathers all previously deleted files; Recycle Bin also allows restoration of any items to their original location before they were thrown into the Recycle Bin.

remote assistance

imageRemote assistance is a software utility within Windows Vista and Windows 7 that allows for remote support and troubleshooting between two Vista or 7 PCs.

renaming ( unsuccessful)

imageRenaming is the process by which a user fails to successfully rename a file because the file is currently in use. Windows displays the pictured dialog. See entry “Copying”

Resource and performance monitor

imageGenerates a computer health report detailing all areas of PC performance and highlighting hazardous areas.


services( windows component)

imageWindows Services is a component of Microsoft Windows… it displays various system and application-level services as well as the option to Start, Restart, or Pause the service.

Start Menu

start menu

Start Menu is perhaps the most iconic component of UI. The Start Menu can be divided into three basic menus: Start Search ( see entry), Command Menu, and Programs Menu (see entry.)

Start search


Start Search is the search functionality of the Start Menu in Windows. It’s main purpose is to search through all indexed files ( non-indexed files can be seen by clicking “See more results”

Start Screen ( Windows 8 (

win-8 start screenStart Screen is the an accessible and easy way to launch and organize app in Windows 8

System and Security ( control Panel)

imageCentralized panel within the Control Panel (see entry) that contains links to such panel utilities as Action Center( see entry), Windows Firewall, and Backup and Restore( see entry.)

Task Manager

imageTask Manager is a utility within Windows that allows users to end currently running applications and provides other more powerful tools such as CPU Usage, Performance Graphs,and Lists of Running Processes and Services


User account(control Panel utility)

imageControl Panel Utility that provides such changes to the User Account( see entry) as changing the password, providing security question, changing the username, changing the picture, change account type (see “User Account( Term)”) and modify User Account Control settings (see entry).

User account (Term)

CaptureUser Account is the domain by which the Windows Operating System allows access to a user’s set of files stored in different partition. The User Account usually is protected by as password as shown.

Update( Windows component)

imageWindows Update is a proprietary component of Windows, designed to deliver updates, service packs, bug fixes, and security bulletins.


Windows explorer

imageWindows Explorer is a proprietary component of the Windows Operating System. It is often called “the shell” because of its primary function to display files and data found in the computer’s drive. It first saw it’s debut, when Microsoft introduced Program Manager ( see “Program Manager” under “P”) back in Windows 3.1. Explorer is the most utilized single componentimaget of Windows fulfilling such tasks as displaying the Control Panel( see accordingly), Pictures, Music, and the User folder that stores all user files.

Windows media player ( Windows Application)


Windows Media Player is the default audio/video player bundled with Windows since the release of Windows XP. Media Player is now in its 11th version and includes such features as advanced file sharing, sound effects, burning and syncing, as well as extensive compatibility with many audio and video formats. image

windows live movie maker

imageWindows Live Movie Maker is a software application that creates and edits movies by stitching images, videos and any other necessary elements. It is offered as part of Windows Live Essentials

windows live writer

imageWindows Live Writer is a software application offered in the Windows Live Essentials. Live Writer is a powerful blogging and authoring tool, with various advanced features such as image watermarks, video insertion, and caption, and a preview pane as well as a source pane for the tweaking of the code.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows Live, Windows 7, Microsoft Word, and Bing are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of Microsoft and the Microsoft group of companies in the U.S. and other countries


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