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Windows 8 Official Date— posted by  walterjK1

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 8… It is now scheduled for October 26 of 2012. Now the race is on whether or not Microsoft can succeed this Holiday season…

Windows 8 and Enterprise- Posted by MSFt777jf

It seems like Windows 8 must be successful in the enterprise to be successful in the consumer side of things. But remember, Microsoft really has no need to push it so hard on business… after all, Windows 7 adoption in the enterprise is 50%… Microsoft is still getting paid a hefty sum for Windows 7 licenses… Windows 8 may be simply a bonus story…


One thought on “Windows 8 Forums

  1. No wonder I wasn’t able to download it! I just got a reminder card in the mail today to remind me to download Windows 8 and now I still can’t. I tried a few months ago when I bought the computer. It says on the website that they will notify me …well they haven’t yet from even the first time I registered!!!

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