The Xbox in Best Buy: A Story to Behold

Posted by MSFT777JF @the Xbox Forums 

I often wonder and stand in awe at the power that Apple holds with the media. Even more impressive is Apple’s ability to control and even manipulate retail stores. I thought this was just part of the unnoticed, but very-real phenomena of a tech giant… but until I walked into my Best Buy store did I finally get it.

It seems like another stroll into one of the largest tech stores in the globe. Best Buy executives are known for being extra careful at letting the consumer figure out things for themselves. Very rarely will you hear a Best Buy employee asking you “ Can I help you Sir?” It’s probably why the store is successful… it is able to keep itself out of your way…

But still… I am not particularly in awe of the store. As far as I am concerned, I am just a customer… so that’s how I entered as a customer. As a big Microsoft fan, I came right in into the Xbox section, eager to try some new games…. what was curious was how many different Apple iPod and iPhone aisles I had to pass before getting to the gaming section… well, maybe product placement, I guess?

But to my surprise I saw a young father with his enthusiastic daughter in the most unlikeliest of places… instead of touring the iPad booth or engrossed with Android tablets, father and daughter were marveled at the Xbox booth… particularly the Kinect booth. It’s a little exhibition that tries to demo the capabilities of Kinect… but what shocked me was that these two thought it was so cool.. and here I am, a tech savvy guy, who takes technology for granted, knows his way around Windows, and can handle some programming.

I guess the point is …. it often takes somebody else to show you how cool a product is. And for me, the moment came when that daughter was dancing with Kinect in front of her smiling papa.


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