Halo 4 Limited Edition Console

halo4 limited edition consoleFor Halo fans everywhere, this was the moment they were waiting for. First, Microsoft confirms Halo 4 will ship this November… then, Halo 4 led an impressive game lineup featuring Gears of War Judgment and Black Ops II

halo4 limited edition consoleNow the wait is over for the Halo 4 Console. First, MW3 fans got a taste of Xbox goodness  Now its time for the Halo fans.

So, how does it look…without doubt, this is the best-looking console to ever wear the limited edition glory paint. Designed exclusively by 343 Industries, this limited-edition console packs some awesome features:

  • Sounds from the Halo 4 when you start up the console and when you push the Eject button
  • Two customized controllers with D-pad and Blue LED
  • 320GB Hard Drive ( Largest Space Available)
  • Xbox 360 Headset ( a $20 value)
  • Halo 4 Game ( probably the most important thing:)

What’s the price, you say?   $399.  Not bad for the most amazing Xbox console you will ever set your eyes on.

More info, visit http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox360/consoles/bundles/Xbox360-320GB-limited-edition-halo-4-console

Xbox 720: 6 Times More Powerful than Current

According to an IGN report, the Xbox 720 will feature a monster AMD Radeon HD 6670, which in and out of itself, is 6 times the graphics power of the AMD chip in today’s Xboxes.

Microsoft’s new Xbox is expected to support the latest graphics, and if the report proves right, the RadeonHD 6670 will be taking the Xbox to greater heights, supporting DirectX 11, multi-display output, 3-D output, and un-scaled, true 1080p output.

Based on the Xbox 720’s new graphics hardware, it is safe to say that next generation Xbox will have 6 times the graphics performance of current Xboxes; Reports also suggest that the next-gen console will beat the new Wii’s graphics by a 22% margin.

Game developers could be the only leaks of new information, since only they alone will be provided with the SDK’s for making Xbox games.

Microsoft Makes ESPN on Xbox FREE for Limited Time

imageREDMOND—- Microsoft is conducting various free, limited time viewings of some of the most famous Xbox apps and services. This time, ESPN for Xbox is on the list. Xbox owners will be able to use ESPN for free on their Xbox, limited to this weekend only.

One of the most amazing aspects of ESPN on Xbox is the Split Screen, allowing dual viewing and instant pausing, rewinds, and forwards.Split Screen

ESPN  for Xbox also features an integrated scorecard, which is docked to the right side of the screen while you are watching sports on the left side of the screen.The scoreboard is super slick and well-designed… a few jabs of the Xbox controller reveals the latest scores for soccer, tennis, EURO Cup, and many other live events.Scoreboard, College Bowl Picks

Update: The  free limited-time viewing has ended. We will keep you posted if Microsoft makes any changes.

Get the latest coverage and review of ESPN for Xbox , http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Live/Partners/ESPN

All screenshots courtesy of Microsoft.

All About Microsoft Episode 1 Surface and Glass (AUDIO)

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