How to Add a Folder to the Start Menu

Difficulty: Moderately Easy       Time: Little

Adding a Folder to the Start Menu

1. First step is to click and open the folder you are going to add.



2. Inside the folder, select View , then Go To. and select  Go Up One Level. NOTE (  If you cannot see the View command, then follow the steps for Enabling the Menu Bar in a Folder or Window. )


You should now see this:




3.   Make sure to first click the folder, so that it is highlighted— it is marked in blue.


4. Now here is the tricky part. Move the folder into the Start Orbimage and wait a moment.

After a few seconds, the Start Menu should appear.  Simply drag the folder and drop.




Now here is the result.  Congrats the folder is at the Start Menu.




Microsoft Surface Available for Pre-order at $499

Microsoft has made its Surface tablets available for pre-order, starting at $499. Surface will retail at Microsoft stores on October 26.  You can pre-order your Surface RT here.

Prices for Surface RT

  • Surface RT w/no Touch Cover, 32 GB  — $499
  • Surface RT with Touch Cover,  32 GB – – $599
  • Surface RT with Touch Cover,  64 GB  — $699

For a complete review of Surface, please see Microsoft Launches Surface (VIDEO) and Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad

Please note that Surface Pro will be available for pre-order soon.

Surface RT is sporting an 8 hour battery and 2Gb system memory. In comparison the iPad sports a 10 hour battery and just 1GB system memory. For more info, see


Windows 7 Rules Market, while Windows 8 gets Ready

The August report of Net Applications has announced that Windows 7 is now the most popular desktop operating system. Boasting an impressive 43% of the OS pie, Windows 7 is at the top of mountain,  accounting for some 450 Million licenses of Windows.

Just this August, Windows 7 surpassed XP as the most popular OS. With Windows 7, Microsoft has an indomitable 92% share of the market. How does the rest of the competition stack up… the closest competitor, Mac OS 10.7 has just 2.37% of the market.

As Windows 7 success stories seem to headline the news, Microsoft has been busy prepping up its next-gen OS called Windows 8. Launching this October, Windows 8 will improve where Windows 7 left off, but will innovate in ways Microsoft has never done before.

HP Announces Windows 8 PCs

Computer maker HP has announced several PCs running Windows 8. These computers are sturdy ultrabooks and hybrids, sporting touch screens and plenty of power and style.

HP Spectre XT TouchSmart

First up is the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart, a very capable ultrabook with lots of style and luxury to match the power.Key features include edge-to edge Gorilla Glass  with an IPS display, and a Thunderbolt port.

HP ENVY TouchSmart

Next, was the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook, packing Beats Audio and running Windows 8, this ultrabook is made from the ground up as a multimedia star.

HP Envy x2

The ENVY x2 is just what it sounds. A device times two. This hybrid doubles both as a ultrabook and tablet. Its running Windows 8.

The specs for these machines are not yet available… we will keep you posted.