Windows 10 Update Breaking Computers for Certain People, Report

Note: A fix is now available and has been scheduled or is currently being released to the public. The fix is KB 3081436.
windows-10 More than 180 people ( this number comes from these troubleshooting reports), have had issues with a Windows 10 update.

Microsoft released Windows 10  KB3081424 update as a general cumulative bug fix. Nothing was expected to majorly fail but to the surprise of users worldwide, the update turned their PCs into an endless loop cycle. The computer begins installing the update as normal, and suddenly the PC keeps restarting and restarting and restarting.The update is never installed successfully.

Needless to say, there is a lot of frustration from Windows 10 users. This is Microsoft’s first update since it released the OS back in late July.

UPDATE AND FIX: The Guardian reports that there may be a potential fix in theory. No link or steps have been announced, but the error seems to stem from a rogue registry entry, which causes the malfunction of the update. Microsoft is expected to release a hotfix soon.  We will update the article as soon as we hear word.

UPDATE: Update has been fixed. Forbes reports the fix will not only eradicate the nasty reboot glitch, but it “also resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft graphic components, the .NET Framework that allows elevation of privilege and the Mount Manager that could allow elevation of privilege.”

ISSUE:   Rogue Windows Registry key

Update in Question:  KB3081424

PROBLEM: Update fails and Windows 10 cycles on reboot

FIX: Available.  KB 3081436.


How to Download a Torrent

Difficulty:  Moderately Easy          Time: Little to Much

English: A download symbol.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you want to enter the confusing world of Torrents. Yep, it’s a dangerous and thrilling universe. Here’s how to get started. Note: We do not endorse the use of Torrent files to steal copyrighted material

  • First, you need to install a Torrent Client, a program that allows you to open and download torrent files. Here are a few examples of Torrent clients.
  •  utorrent
  • and bit torrent   


  •  Now you have to go to a Torrent website. There are many… so choose one…… now browse for the  song, book, or other file you want. The largest Torrent  website is Piratebay.
  • Great! Now that you have found the file in the torrent website, make sure it is not protected by copyright law:), Look for the little red magnet icon and click on Get this Torrent.  This is the fastest method of downloading the torrent.
  • screen1
  • The torrent client will now begin to download your file.
  • Always get the file that has been the most downloaded; make sure it has the most seeders, which indicates the file is most likely valid and contains no viruses.
  • Wait patiently and then you are done.
  • Please note that torrents are meant to be used responsibly. We are not responsible if copyright law punishes you for downloading files with copyright.

Windows 7 Rules Market, while Windows 8 gets Ready

The August report of Net Applications has announced that Windows 7 is now the most popular desktop operating system. Boasting an impressive 43% of the OS pie, Windows 7 is at the top of mountain,  accounting for some 450 Million licenses of Windows.

Just this August, Windows 7 surpassed XP as the most popular OS. With Windows 7, Microsoft has an indomitable 92% share of the market. How does the rest of the competition stack up… the closest competitor, Mac OS 10.7 has just 2.37% of the market.

As Windows 7 success stories seem to headline the news, Microsoft has been busy prepping up its next-gen OS called Windows 8. Launching this October, Windows 8 will improve where Windows 7 left off, but will innovate in ways Microsoft has never done before.