Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad

So here is a war for the ages. Microsoft Surface will take on the reigning tablet champ, the Apple iPad.  So yes, maybe Microsoft is incredibly late.  That may not matter with the quality and engineering design of Redmond’s new tablet entry, the Surface. So here are the specs, head to head… May the war begin.

surface vs ipad                      ipad vs surface



For comparisons only: All specs and measurements are detailed as accurately as possible.   Source: /

So who won? Surface had 6 wins and iPad had 4 wins.

Surface is your tablet winner.

Windows 8 Unveil at BUILD Conference

For all the emotion and excitement of Windows 8, it is unbelievable to think that, starting this September, Microsoft will unveil virtually everything to know about their latest Operating System.

Most developers know that Apple holds WWDC, Google holds IO, …Redmond, however, holds the BUILD conference( formerly known as PDC).

One could argue that BUILD won’t offer much except very a very professional developer delivery. Nothing could be further from the truth. Microsoft plans to make BUILD a one-stop Windows 8 announcement…featuring user interface, demos, developer tools, and most importantly targeting people instead of developers.

BUILD will attempt to connect with regular consumers and answer such questions as : “What will the Windows 8 Desktop look like”, “When can I get my hands on one”, “What is the price for upgrading an existing machine”… and so on.

Basically BUILD plans to dispel more than half of the Windows 8 questions and suggestions people are continually having. The event will start in September, just three months from now. People only have to wait three months… is that to much to ask!

Bottom line: I think BUILD will be a success because of its name, remember the Windows 8 leak builds(hence the name), windows8[9]its audience( a little less than 1 billion Windows customers dying to hear the news), and its timing( three months from now). In turn, BUILD will effect a success on the Windows 8 client, creating hungry customers ready to get their hands of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

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Windows 8 Hardware?: Asus and Microsoft are at it again much of the buzz over recent Windows 8 Previews and screenshots, the obvious question that follows is “What will the Windows 8 Hardware look like?”Luckily, people will no longer have to wait to see some sneak peeks of the these devices.

It is well-known that Microsoft has partnered with Asus. The Taiwan-based hardware giant has churned some great-looking hardware in their brief company history. Rumors however indicate that Asus will go big and work on Windows 8 Hardware that looks very similar to their Android based tablets( such as the Asus Transformer eePad seen above).

The big news is that the Transformer will have a successor and will most likely be the hardware flagship of the Windows 8 Tablet line-up. The Transformer 2 is expected to have a attachable keyboard that makes it look like a laptop-tablet- this hardware incorporates well with the Windows 8 software, given the fact that Microsoft has added touch functionality over the common desktop layer.

The Asus Transformer eePad in Action

For those who have yet to see the Windows 8 video, hurry up and watch it! This exclusive Windows 8 official demo has garnered nearly 4 million views on YouTube and counting.

The specs are still unknown though Asus may keep its current 1Ghz Tegra processor and 1GB RAM , which should be more than enough for a great Windows 8 experience. Asus is also one among few hardware makers that have been able to incorporate Adobe Flash technology 10.2.  expect Windows 8 hardware to feature this along with countless other features Android tablets have demonstrated.


Bottom line: The Asus Transformer v2 is a piece of brick that will make Windows 8 shine. The Taiwannian company has repeatedly showed off some impressive hardware and this is no exception. Windows 8 Asus Tablets should have Flash support, plenty of horsepower and great looks!!!

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Microsoft Takes Apple Head On: The Tablet War has Just Begun

Source: Yahoo Tech News

Wow! Microsoft has unleashed their full onslaught at Apple for control of the Tablet.This is ultimate competitive aggression-Redmond has now changed its strategy from open sourced tablet production to more of an Apple-style closed source. The big concept a Windows-8 Branded Tablet to compete head on with iPad-branded Tablet. According to Digitimes, Microsoft will produce the Windows 8 Tablet with seemingly excessive iPhone-type branding, commercials, and ads- something we saw in some earlier Microsoft products, such as Zune, WP7, and especially Xbox 360. The image below showcases Xbox 360 integrated in Zune- Microsoft proving it could brand effectively.

The strategy will also consist of Windows 8’s close, exclusive partnership with Texas Instruments and Taiwanese OEM.

Interestingly, this partnership is almost identical  to Apple’s exclusive iPad partnership with Taiwanese Foxconn)

Foxconn Manufactured iPad 2

Microsoft has literally punched Apple in the face if these sources are correct. They have come out of their familiar traditional mold and have welcomed the idea to bash Apple at their own game. In the past, Microsoft has failed using the strict manufacturing pattern it has always employed; with a new change of tactics, Microsoft is not only adapting and evolving according to the tech environment, but it has also cut its losses and launched a major attack on the very annoying Apple ( sorry, that’s my opinion).

Expect an incredible branding of Windows 8– commercial after commercial, ad after ad, slogan after slogan. More or less like Xbox has enjoyed.

Bottom line: In short Windows 8 will be Redmond’s priority- expect massive branding, ads, and commercials and a huge effort on Microsoft’ s behalf and on its partners. I would also expect Microsoft to wisely use its manufacturing partners to prevent platform fragmentation( to which Android succumbed). This is a bold move against Apple, if the rumors prove correct…Steve Jobs should be scared ( just a little)!!Microsoft will easily win 2nd place in the Tablet War if they work with only a few partners.

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