Microsoft Launches the Office 2013 Preview (Screenshots)

Microsoft unveiled the Office 2013 Public Preview; it is now available for free download. Having Problems installing the Preview?

Here are some new screenshots and features from the new Office 2013. Enjoy!

microsoft word  2013 image layoutIts easier and faster than ever to edit images in Microsoft Office 2013. Images can be aligned and wrapped for the perfect layout from the brand new Layout Options.

office 2013 account servicesConnecting services to your Office is easy. Simply Add a Service and connect.  Connected services allow you to place images and documents from those services into the documents you are creating in Office 2013.

I can also change my Office background to match my style and preference.

publisher 2013 text and imageIf you happen to write more text than can fit, Microsoft Publisher will flash the text box red. From the new Measuring Tool, you can fine-tune the size and shape of your textbox..

Images aligned using the green layout margins. In this example, the Word 2013 shows me that my image is perfectly aligned..…even though I did little effort to get it perfect, Word simply showed me when it was perfectly aligned.


Below, Word tells me the image is perfectly aligned to the left


office 2013 image layout

PowerPoint 2013 makes it even easier to do presentations with new Presentation Mode. This gives you a view of the next slide, any important notes, and the time you have used on each slide, as well as laser pointers and other pointing devices you can use for your presentation.

powerpoint 2013 presentation mode

PowerPoint 2013 also shows a faint red line indicating that the image is aligned.

powerpoint 2013

Office 2013 is now much faster and better at searching and retrieving online templates.

office templates

imageThe One Note Clipping tool is now grouped as Screen Clipping, Sent to OneNote, and New Quick One Note… the keyboard shortcuts ( WINKEY + the Letter Shown) make it easy to access each feature.

Finally, you can now save files to SharePoint or SkyDrive in the cloud, making you much more productive.

save to cloud

Stay tuned… Premier Microsoft is working on a Office 2013 hand-on Video…

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Screenshots by Premier Microsoft.

Courtesy of Zeably Inc. for sample photographs.

How To Install the Office 2013 Preview

   Troubleshoot and Fix your Problems Fast

Difficulty: Easy        Time: Medium      Updated: 2012

Microsoft has launched the Office 2013 Preview. Some users have been reporting some issues trying to install the Office 2013 Preview. Follow these steps carefully.

View Screenshots from the new Office 2013!

  1. Go to the Office Preview website  image
  2. Then, click on the big green “For Home” option and underneath click “Sign Up”image
  3. You should see the following 15
  4. Now Click Try Now below. Note that Office Preview supports only Windows 7 or Windows 8office 15
  5. You will now be redirected to the screen below. If you get a “Web Page is Unavailable” error message, please wait and try again in a moment….office 15 install
  6. Click the green Install Button
  7. Now click Run when promptedoffice 15 install 1
  8. Next, you should see a Configuring screen as shown configuring
  9. Click Next. You should now see the Office logo office 15 installing
  10. You should now see a video of Office 15 play. It looks like video
  11. Office will ask you a couple of questions. Here it greets me and asks me how I want my Office to 2013 personalization
  12. Next, Office will introduce you to SkyDrive. Simply read and click Next.skydrive meet
  13. Whew! Almost done. You can now begin to use Office…. just make sure that you keep your computeroffice 2013 wrapping things up
  14. Now you are all set! We launch the Word 2013 Preview…although you can use Office, make sure your PC is still online or the install will fail.word 2013 preview
  15. Wait just a bit more…finally, it’s all done… installation is complete.You can use the Preview up until December… ( Microsoft has said the Preview is active 60 Days after full release)office 2013 done

Microsoft will Provide Live Webcast of Office 15 Event in San Francisco


office logoUpdate: New Screenshots of the Office 2013 Preview!

Microsoft streamed a live webcast for the Office 15 event. The San Francisco conference is reported to be the announcement of the Office 2013 Beta.

When: The event starts at 3:00PM (eastern)

Who:    Steve Ballmer will be speaking

What:   News about the Office 2013 ( codenamed Office 15)

Where:   Watch it via telecast at ( this link is live and currently working)

Having trouble installing the Office 2013 Preview?

Report: Microsoft Will Reveal Office 15 Next Monday

office logoInsider reports suggest that Microsoft will reveal details for its next Office version, code-named Office 15 this coming Monday.