MW3 Special Ops Mode: The Epic Title continues to be revealed

MW3 is following some familiar ground but breaking some barriers and introducing new concepts.Infinity Ward showed off some of the hottest footage and perhaps the most intriguing game mode of MW3- Special Ops Mode.

According to recent information delivered by InfinityWard, gamers will be able to earn money, and play several core functions they previously enjoyed in Zombies for BlackOps. In addition, there will be a Killstreak location where gamers can buy an actual killstreak, and dogs will be presumably be featured as they were in previous Zombie and normal modes of BlackOps.

Special Ops will feature multiplayer maps that can be used throughout the game mode. SpecialOps is being touted as MW3’s major core gameplay..SpecialOps will also be playable offline, solo, will support split-screen, and may even support gameplay using other live services.

Bottom line: As MW3’s main game component, its nice to know that the InfinityWard folks are focusing their efforts on SpecialOps and bringing to it much of the familiar gameplay that BlackOps and Zombie gamers demand.

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