Windows 10 Update Breaking Computers for Certain People, Report

Note: A fix is now available and has been scheduled or is currently being released to the public. The fix is KB 3081436.
windows-10 More than 180 people ( this number comes from these troubleshooting reports), have had issues with a Windows 10 update.

Microsoft released Windows 10  KB3081424 update as a general cumulative bug fix. Nothing was expected to majorly fail but to the surprise of users worldwide, the update turned their PCs into an endless loop cycle. The computer begins installing the update as normal, and suddenly the PC keeps restarting and restarting and restarting.The update is never installed successfully.

Needless to say, there is a lot of frustration from Windows 10 users. This is Microsoft’s first update since it released the OS back in late July.

UPDATE AND FIX: The Guardian reports that there may be a potential fix in theory. No link or steps have been announced, but the error seems to stem from a rogue registry entry, which causes the malfunction of the update. Microsoft is expected to release a hotfix soon.  We will update the article as soon as we hear word.

UPDATE: Update has been fixed. Forbes reports the fix will not only eradicate the nasty reboot glitch, but it “also resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft graphic components, the .NET Framework that allows elevation of privilege and the Mount Manager that could allow elevation of privilege.”

ISSUE:   Rogue Windows Registry key

Update in Question:  KB3081424

PROBLEM: Update fails and Windows 10 cycles on reboot

FIX: Available.  KB 3081436.


Download Update 1 for Windows 8.1 : Links and Updates to Download

Update: Please be advised. Some of these links have been blocked by Microsoft and may not work.

It seems like the world is going nuts to get their hands on Update 1 for Windows 8.1. The crew here at Premier Microsoft just can’t wait either, so without further ado, here are the updates you have to install in order to get Update 1. Of course be careful, back up what you can, but don’t panic. This update only executes some minor tweaks and is not an overhaul or full install, so your precious data should be safe. Tell us what you think.

1.  Updates to Be Installed… 

2.  Please Install the Updates for your system in this ORDER. It will only work following this order.

  1. KB2919442
  2. KB2939087
  3. KB2932046
  4. KB2919355
  5. KB2938439
  6. KB2937592

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Microsoft to Rescue Windows 8 with “Blue”

Microsoft has heard user gripes  and is seeking to rectify Windows 8 complaints. The Software Giant announced on Tuesday that it will release a substantial update to Windows 8, internally codenamed “Blue.”

The Wall Street Journal  reports that the update will be available later this year in time  for the holidays. Windows President Tami Reller claims Microsoft is planning to showcase Blue to the public.

“Microsoft executives will make two sets of relevant disclosures in coming weeks … First up soon will be details about pricing, packaging and an official name.”

Reller with a Windows 8 tablet

Reller also said that a second Blue update is expected before June. Microsoft experts and enthusiasts were betting on the first update before June… we now know that there will be two updates, the second occurring near BUILD conference. The final Blue will be released to consumers near holiday season.

The Best of Apple Maps Fails and iOS 6 Fails

Apple Maps, Wi-fi bugs, LTE bugs, battery problems….. and on and on… let’s just say these are plain and simple FAILS!  So for sake of interest ( and laughter) we compiled the best photos of Apple Maps fails and iOS bugs. Here goes:

Turn left into the water.

Turn left into the water….? Huh?

Some parts of Clapham, London appear to be censored.

Some parts of Clapham, Londo, are … ahem… censored.

netgear ios6 bugs

Yah… it’s embarrassing but, it’s not our fault.

“Il Duomo di Milano” the most important square in Milan, italy,  was bombard …..

Beautiful town square in Milan, is… torn to shreds.

Location Robbins‎ Tennessee‎ 37852
United States, This river is off the maps! iOS 6 Maps that is. :)

Sorry, this has no explanation… we are as baffled as you.

Hmmm…. touche.


Those using iOS6 get special treatment….


Ooops…  Did NASA just compliment Apple???tumblr_matiy5Sf1v1rhptwbo1_1280

Right side: Correct  ;    Left side:  Apple Maps