Mango Released to Manufacturers

Microsoft is right in step with the release of the Mango Update for Windows Phone 7. Mango functions far from a “minor update”, revamping Redmond’s first unpolished OS and adding expected features such as true multitasking and better performance, while staying true to its innovative mission with Battery Saver, Enhanced Facebook Integration, Twitter Integration,and le’s not forget better Bing search experience.

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Microsoft has stated the update has been released to surprise there. While the language is tricky to navigate, Redmond is perfectly on schedule in this release process, which was easily expected to be released to manufactures much later than today- “This marks the point in the development process where we hand code to our handset and mobile-operator partners to optimize Mango for their specific phone and network configurations,” Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of engineering for Windows Phone “Here on the Windows Phone team, we now turn to preparing for the update process.”
Redmond had already begun delivering SDKs for Tyne Mango Update, in order that app developers could target their next apps to the new version of Windows Phone 7. Although the Software Giant did promise to release a public version of Mango. To be delivered to existing hand sets as a download, it feels as if Mango is being delivered faster than the timeline scheduled.


In many ways, I believe Windows Phone 7.5, codenamed Mango, has been released ahead of schedule. While many people have thrown the blame on premier Windows guru Paul Thurrott for providing later dates of the Mango RTM, I believe, for the most part, earlier is better. The fact that Mango RTM’d faster than expected is absolutely fabulous given the unfortunate history that Windows Phone Updates have developed. Still, many experts, including Thurrott, have insist that Redmond will end up releasing the final consumer release of Mango around September/early October at the latest.You have to hope for that Redmond will deliver on the early release- it would only make sense that Mango would follow their early RTM with a quick consumer release. We will have to wait and see.

Mango Video                                                Mango Handsets live from D9


Evil Carriers: 3 Reasons why Carriers are stifling Windows Phone

Source: Yahoo Finance

To be frank and honest – carriers are indeed evil. Microsoft is experiencing this fact the hard way… iPhone and Android are being lauded by carriers at WP7’s expense. Granted, Microsoft has yet to dominate the smartphone market; nevertheless, in a recent undercover study conducted by PC Magazine, Windows Phone 7 handsets were so scarce  ( only one was on display) and so shameful ( the device screen was broken), that it is no wonder why customer never get to enjoy the integrated experience that many WP7 users insist Microsoft faithfully delivers. One question that may be going about is why the carriers are are three reasons.

1. Carriers are only paid when users upgrade phones( For Windows Phone 7, this means that WP7 updates never come because carriers want you to upgrade to a new phone and plan… not stick to a platform that promising updates. This of course is the reason why WP7 users never got their NoDo updates and may never get the Mango update. Carriers want you to upgrade not update)

2. Carriers are only interested in top smartphone markets ( they will shame the rest…For Windows Phone, this is not good news( as it has already experienced) The time will come when Android and iPhone suffer their “carrier shame”..yet many analysts predict in 2015 the story will reverse resulting in WP7 at the top of the pack..)

3. Carriers want you to upgrade as frequently as possible( For Windows Phone 7, this means very short, expensive plans that cause you to grow tired of a plan and a phone platform, resulting in the “carrier’s wish”: your ignorant purchase of a yet another expensive plan and expensive platform. Thus, WP7 users, will not always remain faithful to the platform because of the carrier’s insistence to change their phone monthly.)

Bottom line: Carriers are plain evil.. they care very little about users and more about the green paper they carry in their wallets. As for WP7, Microsoft should exercise more dominance over the carriers( like Apple exercised over AT&T), to ensure that updates ( Mango!.. anyone?) will be released when Redmond says it will be released. Otherwise, carriers will always block the updates…forever!!

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Live from D9 : Acer sports it's new Mango

This just in from the live conference at D9. Presently, as we speak Acer newest brick, the beautiful W4, is sporting it’s new dress. Built on Windows Phone 7 Mango update, it brings a lot of excitement to WP7 consumers.

Acer sporting it’s Mango update

Microsoft has previously announced that it will also have manufacturers design completely new devices, as well as updating all existing ones.
Microsoft is officially calling the OS as Windows Phone 7.1 ( but Mango sounds more interesting)

In regards to Mango’s Acer hardware it has 8 GB of internal memory, connects to both GSM and HSPA networks and has 1 GHZ processor… Pretty yummy if you ask me( Mango:)


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New Pics For Mango- Looking Yummy!

We got a hold of awesome Mango HD pictures- most recent are displayed first. We will update as is necessary. Updated as of August 1, 2011.

People Hub…self-explanatory

Podcasts are now part of the experience

Built-In editing tools and fixes help you get the most from your picture

Courtesy of Microsoft Windows Phone Image Gallery and Techie Buzz


Start Screen is more integrated with livelier and more active Live Tiles/wp7 ImageGallery


Caller Log shows detailed info about callers/techie buzz


Battery Saver shows user detailed settings to save phone battery/techie buzz


Easily Switch from Facebook to Text messages/techie buzz


Integrated Facebook and Messenger Chat/wp7 ImageGallery


Html5 support rendering full, advanced websites quickly/wp7 ImageGallery


Notifications is found within the “Me” page; allows you to view mutiple statueses from multiple services ( Messenger, Facebook, and LinkedIn)/techiebuzz


Opt for Group or Individual Talk/Message / wp7 ImageGallery


Users can check-in into Facebook right from there Contact Card/wp7 ImageGallery


Updated Bing Interface with Brand new Features/wp7 ImageGallery

All this and more, when Mango hits your store any day now!

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