HP Spectre XT TouchSmart

Bottom Line

Decked in sweet metal and protected by Gorilla Glass, the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart sports an IPS display and ThunderPort, and of course, Beats Audio

Glass Trackpad, ThunderPort, IPS display, Beats Audio, touch screen, full version of Adobe PhotoShop elements

not very light/ portable,

The Specs

HP Spectre XT TouchSmartDisplay

Display: 15.6 in ( Full HD) LED with IPS technology @ 1920 x 1080

Touch Screen: Yes

Size/ Weight

Weight: 4.77lbs

Size: 15.6in

Graphics & Performance

Graphics: ( Dedicated ) NVidia GeForce GT 630M @ 2GB

Processor: 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 3610QM @ @ 2.3 Ghz

Hard Drive :750GB HDD @ 7200 RPM

Optical Drive: DVD+ RW/CD –RW

Connections / Webcam

PortsVGA: 1 Port ( HDMI 1.4v )

Webcam: 2.0 mp webcam

USB Ports: 2 USB 2.0 + 1 USB 3.0

Card Reader: Yes

Pricing & Availability

Pricing: $1399.99 USD

Announced: August 30, 2012

Included Software / OS

Included Software: Adobe Photoshop® Elements 10 and Adobe® Premiere Elements 10, HP CoolSense

OS: Windows 8


Images courtesy of HP


HP Envy x2

Bottom Line

A laptop and a tablet, this multi-purpose hybrid is ready for anything whenever.

Hybrid design, all-metal construction, capacitive touch screen, portable at 3.1lbs with dock

Design could be a bit more sleek and thin

The Specs


HP Envy x2Display: 11 in ( Full HD) LED

Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768

Touch Screen: Yes

Size/ Weight

Weight: 1.5lbs without dock

Size: .33 in

Graphics & Performance

image_thumb[22]Processor: Intel Atom

Storage: 64GB SSD

Battery: Battery separate for both keyboard and screen

Pricing & Availability

Pricing: Not announced

Announced: August 30, 2012

Included Software / OS

OS: Windows 8

Model Number

Model Number: HP Envy x2

Images courtesy of HP

HP Announces Windows 8 PCs

Computer maker HP has announced several PCs running Windows 8. These computers are sturdy ultrabooks and hybrids, sporting touch screens and plenty of power and style.

HP Spectre XT TouchSmart

First up is the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart, a very capable ultrabook with lots of style and luxury to match the power.Key features include edge-to edge Gorilla Glass  with an IPS display, and a Thunderbolt port.

HP ENVY TouchSmart

Next, was the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook, packing Beats Audio and running Windows 8, this ultrabook is made from the ground up as a multimedia star.

HP Envy x2

The ENVY x2 is just what it sounds. A device times two. This hybrid doubles both as a ultrabook and tablet. Its running Windows 8.

The specs for these machines are not yet available… we will keep you posted.

Microsoft Hand-Delivers Windows 8 to HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba

It can’t get any more official( or secret) than that. The plain-looking white box that Microsoft executives handed HP, Asus, and Acer, contained the  RTM build of Windows 8.

Because of security reasons Microsoft had to personally hand-deliver Windows 8 to their hardware partners…

hp gets windows 8 from microsoft

HP was lucky enough to hold the finished box of Windows 8 before any other PC maker.

Next came Lenovo, who posed for a picture, after  receiving the white Windows 8 box from Microsoft….lenovo gets windows 8

The Toshiba team came like giddy children, posing for a group photo and carefully handling the Windows 8 box….

toshiba gets windows 8

Asus, Sony, and Dell came and went… posing for pictures with Microsoft executives….

Finally, the day came to an end with the Acer team… after receiving the Windows 8 box… they smiled for a memorable picture.

acer team and microsoft

Images Courtesy of Microsoft.