Exclusive Official Windows 8 Exclusive Video

Watch this exclusive official Windows 8 Video by Microsoft in High Quality!!!

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Windows 8 by Microsoft ( Official Microsoft Video)

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Sony calls Windows 8 a competitor to iPad


No, I am not making this up. Sony’s director of engineering backed  up Microsoft’s claim that Windows 8 can handily compete with iPad despite the Apple’s early lead.

A screenshot of Microsoft's Windows 8 OS is seen in this handout image. REUTERS/Microsoft Corp Vs

The VAIO of Sony said reinforced Microsoft claims quite clearly: “The fact that it’s a year or two years after the iPad doesn’t really matter. There is already a lot of built-in infrastructure.” He then added: “Today Apple is first on one thing and Microsoft is first for another and, overall, it’s going to be a race and whatever customers will like, they will buy.”


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Windows 8 Demo… nothing but bold, brash, beautiful

Folks it’s finally here… I could spend maybe hours describing this gem from Redmond.. but as the saying says ” Images speak louder than words.” Now it’s finally here.Windows 8!!!


Windows 8: Bold, brash beautiful

Notice the Tile integration, beautifully and concisely done- an incredible tech machine. Colorful and yet easy on the eyes, a pure balance exercise. Most used apps are easily accessible, photos relevant to favorites are displayed, and very clean design is used throughout. ( Now enough of me babbling.. Let’s get down to the meat..)

Now the specs…

According to Sinofsky, Windows 8 is just a codename( but Mighty Redmond would be foolish not to retain the catchy name).


Sinofsky: The Man of the Moment

The Start Menu looks a lot like Windows Phone 7 ( fans of the WP7 should be in for a ride)

Apple fans- at heart should be overjoyed: there is finally Marketplace, Redmond’s answer to iPad App store

System requirements will be almost the same as was for Windows 7

Win8 will run on both ARM and Intel chips, as well as AMD chips


INtel is supported and so is ARM and AMD

Win8 is designed for HTML5 and JavaScript ( basically the great performance that you have in IE9)


8 will have the benefits of IE9 and HTML5

Amazingly, all Windows 7 components are compatible with 8 and 8 will also run on both tablets, pc,and laptops!!! (yea!!!)

Other features:

Office 2010 remains unchanged and tablet friendly, you swipe the screen to log-on, and IE 10 has been designed for tablet- friendliness

Bottom line: I guess the wait was forth it… 8 will be compatible with practically anything, run smoothly in a variety of chips,and have awesome Internet hardware acceleration ( I.e. Faster web page loading)


Live from D9 : Acer sports it's new Mango

This just in from the live conference at D9. Presently, as we speak Acer newest brick, the beautiful W4, is sporting it’s new dress. Built on Windows Phone 7 Mango update, it brings a lot of excitement to WP7 consumers.

Acer sporting it’s Mango update

Microsoft has previously announced that it will also have manufacturers design completely new devices, as well as updating all existing ones.
Microsoft is officially calling the OS as Windows Phone 7.1 ( but Mango sounds more interesting)

In regards to Mango’s Acer hardware it has 8 GB of internal memory, connects to both GSM and HSPA networks and has 1 GHZ processor… Pretty yummy if you ask me( Mango:)


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