Microsoft Unveils Bing Olympics

london-olympics-nbc-logoMicrosoft has tried to keep its popular search engine Bing as trending and cool as it can get. In the spirit of the Olympics, Bing unveiled the “Explore Olympics”.  Try now at

The featurette gives all-day access to scores, results, schedules, medal counts, and athlete profiles from the London Olympics.

The athlete profiles give the Name of the Athlete, their Sport, and the Events and Records they hold.


With Bing, Microsoft has made it even easier to get accurate TV schedules, something that we all TV watchers desperately crave. Without good schedules, it’s hard to make time for the events we want to watch. No longer is this the case.


imageBing also provides neat features such as Olympic Medal Tallies. Want to see the Opening Ceremony  or take a trip down memory lane? Bing gives you all the dramatic moments of Olympic history.



It’s good to see that Microsoft’s search engine is just not sitting still. New features and specials endear the search engine to the searcher. And Bing has done just that.

Microsoft Introduces New Popularity Feature for Bing


Microsoft has quietly launched a new feature for its search engine Bing. Linked Pages ( still in Beta)  allows you to gain control of your online presence and how you appear in the web. Try it now at


“Want your friends from Facebook to find the pages that are really about you when they search on Bing, and help them show up better in Bing results, too? “When you link to pages about you or your friends from Facebook, your friends see those results grouped higher in Bing search than the results for people who share the same name.”— Bing Linked Pages

imageLinked Pages is a new and improved way of getting noticed by your friends while you remain in control. Simply click the Link Me box under each site that you proudly own or describes you. In this case, I linked to my Twitter account and the Premier Microsoft Facebook Pageyou can add your LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, or individual articles…. Now you are done! If you have ever had problems with who is the “real you” when you search a site, Bing’s Linked Pages will now associate you to the online content that is yours.

my bing linked pages

Now your friends will see how popular and recognized you are across the web. Bing also ranks your Linked Pages across searches of your name.

What is Bing?

Find easy answers to your computer questions.


imageEasy Definition A search engine by Microsoft

Detailed Definition Proprietary search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation to index web pages throughout the World Wide Web

Internal Project Code Name : Kumo ( Japanese for spider )


Microsoft entered search with MSN Search. The emphasis of Windows Live product branding gave way to Windows Live Search, a proprietary search engine with limited indexing. In 2008, Microsoft launched Bing, revamped its search indexing to compete with Google, and streamlined its search structure to deliver more accurate searches.
Developer: Microsoft Corporation

what WEB technologies does it Use?

Bing uses the following code and web technologies:

Caching: Bing stores temporary files in the folder Temporary Internet Files. Caching is stored at the following directory: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

Cookies– Bing customizes user profiles as Cookies which it then saves to the user’s hard drive. These cookies simply remember “experience” scenarios and do not record any personal data.

Algorithms– Proprietary algorithms developed by Microsoft to enhance and narrow searches

HTML5– this include the new HTML5 video tag to render video images of the day

CSS3 – Bing supports the latest standard of CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet)


What Does Bing Look Like?

As of 2012, Bing looks like this. See more at

Bing Home Page Image of the Day

Bing Young Money Web Search

Bing Image Search

Bing Shopping


Important Components of Bing

BING WEB : This component handles web searches.

BING IMAGES – This component handles image searches

BING NEWS – Handles and aggregates daily news

HTML5– this include the new HTML5 video tag to render video images of the day

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Windows, Bing, Xbox, and Zune are registered trademarks of Microsoft and the Microsoft group of companies in the U.S. and other countries.

Bing Officially Unveils New Look

imageFirst announced at the Bing Search Summit, Microsoft has officially released the new and clean look for its search engine Bing. Key among the new features is direct Facebook integration, a clean UI, and better search results.

New Features-  Snapshots

A new ( and very useful feature ) is Snapshot, a small pane that provides maps and localized information for restaurants and places.


New Feature…. Facebook integration

Perhaps the biggest feature that the new Bing is sporting is deep ( and we mean, deep) Facebook. There are “People Who Know” and “Friends Activity”

PEOPLE WHO KNOW:                              FRIENDS WHO MIGHT KNOW

imagefacebook intg- bing

Better Search Results…

A search engine is all about the results. The new Bing doesn’t disappoint.

For instance, a search for  Apple gives the following results:


Then, a search for apples  gives the following results


According to Microsoft, Bing is using a new algorithm and data structure to deliver better results based upon the query that users type. Perhaps the most beautiful thing is that the new robust results are thrown to the backdrop of a clean and beautiful UI. Well done Microsoft!!!

Give Bing a spin and tell us what you think!