This site was created to help the Microsoft community

We provided tutorials , news, articles, and other cool Microsoft content.

Juan Balcazar is a Microsoft enthusiast and expert who founded Premier Microsoft as the ultimate fansite for Microsoft fans.

christopherrodriquez24 is a Microsoft enthusiast who joined our team in the fall of 2011. He has written and researched articles for the past year.

greengorrilla300 is a dynamic tech blogger and writer. He is best known for graphics design at Deviant Art.

Windowsgracias is a dynamic tech blogger and writer. He is best known for his popular Windows Phone blog, WindowsGracias.

Wanna Join the fun?

Job openings are available. Email at premierMSFT@hotmail.com detailing the title ( Editor, Contributor, Designer) and any related work experience.)

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4 thoughts on “About

    • I am.. Am sure we have things in common; as a techie feel free to comment directly to me or at the Comments action in my blog!
      Thanks for posting!!

    • Thank you for your comment and valuable words of caution….

      Our team have executed necessary modifications to our site in order to comply with Trademark Infringement Law

      Keep visiting Premier Microsoft for all your news!!

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