Microsoft to Rescue Windows 8 with “Blue”

Microsoft has heard user gripes  and is seeking to rectify Windows 8 complaints. The Software Giant announced on Tuesday that it will release a substantial update to Windows 8, internally codenamed “Blue.”

The Wall Street Journal  reports that the update will be available later this year in time  for the holidays. Windows President Tami Reller claims Microsoft is planning to showcase Blue to the public.

“Microsoft executives will make two sets of relevant disclosures in coming weeks … First up soon will be details about pricing, packaging and an official name.”

Reller with a Windows 8 tablet

Reller also said that a second Blue update is expected before June. Microsoft experts and enthusiasts were betting on the first update before June… we now know that there will be two updates, the second occurring near BUILD conference. The final Blue will be released to consumers near holiday season.


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