The Best of Apple Maps Fails and iOS 6 Fails

Apple Maps, Wi-fi bugs, LTE bugs, battery problems….. and on and on… let’s just say these are plain and simple FAILS!  So for sake of interest ( and laughter) we compiled the best photos of Apple Maps fails and iOS bugs. Here goes:

Turn left into the water.

Turn left into the water….? Huh?

Some parts of Clapham, London appear to be censored.

Some parts of Clapham, Londo, are … ahem… censored.

netgear ios6 bugs

Yah… it’s embarrassing but, it’s not our fault.

“Il Duomo di Milano” the most important square in Milan, italy,  was bombard …..

Beautiful town square in Milan, is… torn to shreds.

Location Robbins‎ Tennessee‎ 37852
United States, This river is off the maps! iOS 6 Maps that is. :)

Sorry, this has no explanation… we are as baffled as you.

Hmmm…. touche.


Those using iOS6 get special treatment….


Ooops…  Did NASA just compliment Apple???tumblr_matiy5Sf1v1rhptwbo1_1280

Right side: Correct  ;    Left side:  Apple Maps


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