Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Bottom Line

It hardly looks like a mouse, but who said Microsoft can’t reinvent the wheel. Ultimate design and comfort with Microsoft precision technology

Stunning Design, Reliable Wireless, precision BlueTrack technology, Portable

Not very ergonomic or comfortable

Microsoft Arc Touch MouseThe Specs

Compatible: USB on PC & Mac ( Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP{ no 64 bit }, Mac OS X v. 10.4-10.6x )

Wireless: 2.4Ghz ( operable at 15 feet and up to 30 feet)

Mouse Life: 3,000,000 clicks

Microsoft Arc Touch MouseBattery Operated : 2AA batteries

Battery Life: 6 months ( typical )

Programmable Buttons: 2 Programmable buttons ( one double tap region )

Mouse Tracking System:  Microsoft BlueTrack

USB  : Nano Transceiver

Model Number: Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

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