Rumor: Microsoft Surface to be Priced at $199

An anonymous inside source tipped Engadget about the possibility of a Microsoft Surface priced at a ridiculous $199.Although this is still just a rumor, the tip does look promising and entirely realistic,


After all, Microsoft is the underdog in a mature and highly-competitive market. The worst move Microsoft could make would be a severely overpriced tablet that only the rich and wealthy could afford. With a $199 price tag, Microsoft would be undercutting both the Kindle and the Nexus.

Microsoft is being aggressive and should be commended. For starters, affordable prices incur risks and… should Microsoft price Surface at just 200 bucks, they will be banking on the number of tablets they sell— or else risk losing enormous amounts in profit.


Considering how affordable the Surface RT tablet would be, it would not take too long for Surface to gain significant market share, potentially topping Apple or Google.

about1Of course, there is always the question that a cheap price might discourage consumers and give them the impression that the quality is not really there. Balance is no easy skill—and for Microsoft to successfully sell Surface tablets, the price will have to be just right.

And lest we forget that Microsoft is supposed to be helping their partners with tablets, instead of just creating more competition… a $199 Surface could be the last straw in a series of events that would force computer companies to bail from Windows 8. Let’s just hope they are friendly to some… competition.


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