How To Remove Background From Images

Difficulty: Moderately Easy         Time: Moderate

Remove Background from Picture

1.  Insert a picture with a complex background: Select the Format tab and then  Remove Background


2.  In the Remove Background,  click Mark Areas to Keep… image


3.  Automatically, Word will try to remove the background…


But to be more precise, use the pen selector to trace the image you want to keep. Using the pen, the image is much more accurate.

The tiger image still appears with snow image

4.  Therefore, you should use the Mark Areas to Remove image

Using this tool, apply the pen selector to trace out the snow background…

The snowy background is now completely removed… Click the Keep Changes buttonimage

The final result looks like this: image


Removing Background From Text

1. Insert the Image into Microsoft Word


2.  Select the Image  and Click Format


3.  In Format, select Remove Background


4. Select Mark Areas to Keep


5.  Using the selector pen, click on the areas you want to keep: Here, I need to select only the text. It looks like this…


6.  Once the background is removed, simply click  imageKeep Changes Button.

6. Having removed the background, I can now place the text on a graphic. This is shown below: image

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