Zoom Slider Not Working in Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

If you purchased a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, and the Zoom slider is not working on your keyboard,  then follow these steps:

Difficulty:   Easy         Time: Little 

Problem: The Zoom Slider on the Keyboard does not Work

Problem:  Zoom slider is not working

Cause:  The speed of the slider does not allow the slider to zoom. This can be easily fixed. Follow the steps below carefully.


1.   Click Start,  and go to Control Panel

2.   In Control Panel,  select the green text Hardware and Sound

3.  Then, select the green text Devices and Printers, as shown belowimage

4.  In the Devices and Printers,  find the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000image

5.  Now  Right-Click it and go to Keyboard Settingsimage

6.  In Keyboard Settings, select Zooming tab, as shownimage

7.  Now move the slider to Fast.  It should now look like this: image

Make sure that Enable Zooming  and Enable Accelerated Zooming  have been checked.

8.  Now click Apply  to save your changesimage

That’s it! The issue should be resolved!


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7 thoughts on “Zoom Slider Not Working in Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

  1. Great information, but when I get to the settings tab, I only have speed and hardware tabs to choose from. Where’s the zoom?

  2. I changed the setting to fast and still, with every reboot, the zoom slider fails to work.

  3. Me too! I cannot FIND the zoom tabbing either! Tried looking online EVERYWHERE for help but I also only have the speed and hardware tabs!

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