Microsoft Details Plans for Windows RT tablets

Microsoft has detailed its plans for Windows RT tablets. The tablets are powered by Windows RT, an ultra-mobile imageversion of the Windows 8 OS. These tablets will be produced in mass and will be sporting hybrid keyboards and switchable screens.

Microsoft spoke about their commitment to making Windows RT a powerful platform with tremendous versatility. The Software giant has revamped the graphics core of Windows RT for improved HD animation and playback… windows rt tablets

After having cautiously hand-delivered the Windows 8 OS to HP, Asus, and Acer, Microsoft continues to work with its partners to achieve the ultimate tablet experience across the board.

A Microsoft blog post reads,

Windows RT begins a new era of ARM-based PCs, where we are working with our Silicon and PC manufacturing partners to bring a whole new set of innovations to market.…I would like to provide an update on our efforts to collaborate across the ecosystem in bringing new Windows RT PCs to market.

Windows 8 touch accuracy

Microsoft partners continue to work to achieve industry-leading touch accuracy and responsiveness.

Extensive testing  has taken place, especially regarding battery life. Using a powerful new feature called Connected Standby, devices can be connected during sleep and yet do consume no more battery than if they were on standby.


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