Glass, Fruit, or Robot?

Before I begin I would like to extend a thank you to Premier Microsoft for inviting me to write for them. For those of you unfamiliar with me I am a techie with a background in art. If you wish to know more I encourage you to visit my blog, skTECHBook.

Being of such disciplines my experience is drifted more towards Apple and their range of products and services. However, this being Premier MICROSOFT I will attempt to stay on subject lest I anger anyone with my mentioning of that company. But you must understand that Apple dominates the creative culture for the most part.

I have however worked with Microsoft’s line of products. Most of my career has consisted of working with Windows machines and services. But for personal use I tend to operate on Apple. However, I have found Google sneaking its way into my life via the Kindle Fire which made a huge dent in Apple’s profit margins last holiday season. I am sure many of you use Android powered phones so I doubt I will catch any mudslinging from that.

So here I am. A single individual. Pulled between three different large companies. Each one fighting for my attention and the contents of my wallet. I am sure many of you feel the same way. For the longest time I felt like Microsoft ruled the business realm (mature stuff). Meanwhile Apple as a smooth operator took over everything else (except hardcore gaming..but it’s obvious why). Android snuck in and is slowly filling up the middle.  However, I recently read an article explaining how Apple is losing its “street cred” with the younger kids and gaining favor with the older generation.

This could be for a couple of reasons. One, most of the die hard fans are older (they have been with the company since the beginning). Two, cost of Apple hardware in todays economic times make it difficult for younger people to afford. A possible third reason is that younger people today are more tech savvy and can create a – system for less rather than relying on Apple’s all-in-one machines. If you want further details please click this link to read the study.Kindle Fire

I think what I want to ask and for you to ask yourself is; how do you prioritize these companies? Who is best for you? Why?  Computers are tools and as such what is your favorite and best tool? Are you exclusive to one company or do you take advantage of all of them?  Voice your opinion below. Leave a comment. Let us know how you see each of these companies and their products. Is Apple slowly losing its flashy elegance? Is Microsoft going to be top dog once again?  I think myself, and all of us at Premier Microsoft want to know.


About greengorilla3000

I'm into making art, playing with new technology and I love the Incredible Hulk.

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