Apple in Trouble After High-Profile iCloud Hack

Apple is now in deep trouble after its cloud service iCloud was mercilessly hacked and then used to victimize  none other than WIRED Magazine news writer Matt Honan.

Instead of getting fancy….the hackers simply called Apple and deceived them into giving them a “temporary password”


Password in hand, the hackers exploited iCloud security holes,  and retrieved Matt’s Google and Twitter passwords. Then, they simply exploited vulnerabilities in Apple’s Find My iPhone and Find My Mac  apps.  One they gained remote access, the hackers wasted no time in completely erasing contents in Matt’s iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air.

Google also got into the hacking tangle, when the hackers, hungry for more, deleted his Google and Gmail account.

So, why would a perfectly friend tech writer get hacked? It’s assumed that the hackers ( still not identified ) broke into Honan’s iCloud in order to get access to Honan’s massive 15K Twitter followers.

hackersIt didn’t stop there… the hackers also realized that Honan had linked his Twitter account to Gizmodo’s account…. they were able to send spam tweets to some 415,000 people…

Amazon also got a nasty surprise…. the hacker was able to get the temporary password by accessing Amazon’s file of Matt’s Credit Card number; thus the hacker was able to get Apple into thinking that the request for the password was legitimate.


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