Microsoft Launches to Replace Hotmail logoMicrosoft has launched as a re-imagined version of Hotmail. You can try the preview at adds the best of Email, Contacts, Calendar, and SkyDrive, plus Instant Messaging… all in one easy place.



Mail      People     Calendar       SkyDrive

Click on any tile to enlarge…

Outlook will carry many familiar features of Hotmail but will do the heavy-duty as well, fully supporting Exchange ActiveSync , a full Contact directory, and adding Skype Video.

Credit: Microsoft

As far as the interface, looks like a Metro-version of Hotmail, save , of course, the name…

Here’s a quick walkthrough Microsoft made for those of you who want to get working with right away…

The Hotmail controls that pop-up when you hover over an email have gone a Metro re-design.


Outlook Mobile works beautifully on a mobile device, as shown to the left.

On a personal note, Hotmail was getting kind of of old and its design clashed with the clean look of Metro…

More info coming soon!

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One thought on “Microsoft Launches to Replace Hotmail

  1. 1.Outlook NEEDS live spell check…who remembers to go back and check spelling! irritating!!
    2. Some of us WANT to “insert” photos into email – I make creative story-emails- NEED the insert option!!
    Change those two things….and I’ll use Outlook. Hated Hotmail for lack of these two options as well.

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