Microsoft Finishes Windows 8; Begins to RTM

REDMOND—  Microsoft announced today it has finished development of its upcoming Windows 8 OS. After leaking it will ship Surface tablets on the same day as the Windows 8 launch, the Software giant has just released a blog post celebrating its triumphant RTM ( Release to Manufacturing) of Windows 8.

“A short while ago we started releasing Windows 8 to PC OEM and manufacturing partners,” said Stephen Sinofsky, the President of Microsoft’s Windows Division.

If you subscribe to the MSDN network (Microsoft Developers
Network, OK granted, kinda of obscure) you will be able to download Windows 8 as early as Aug. 15.

Otherwise, you will have to brave the months like the rest of us and hope you can wait until October 26,2012, the official launch of Windows 8. Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 in over 123 markets and in 109 languages.

For those of you Windows fans who courageously stepped in with Microsoft and downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview, the preview expires Jan. 15, 2013. Microsoft also recently demoed some awesome Windows 8 PCs that are soon coming your way.

The Software Giant has also scheduled its next Windows 8 conference at the Microsoft Campus headquarters in Washington.


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