How to Enable Godmode in Windows

In Windows, the Godmode hack allows you to control your computer from within a folder. The Godmode hack is very easy to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. Right-Click the Desktop; (Right- Click on any free area of your Desktop)image 
  2. Go to New, then Folder, as shown belowimage
  3. The newly-created Folder should look like something shown below:image
  4. Now here is the hack, give the folder this exact name: 


  5. As soon as you name the folder, Windows will remove the “Godmode” part of the name ; this indicates that the hack will work. image
  6. Now click Enter or click the Desktop. To activate the name….
  7. You now have the Godmode hack on your Desktop. It should look something like this:image
  8. Go ahead and explore Godmode…

Note: This hack should work in Windows 8, as well.

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