Microsoft Unveils Bing Olympics

london-olympics-nbc-logoMicrosoft has tried to keep its popular search engine Bing as trending and cool as it can get. In the spirit of the Olympics, Bing unveiled the “Explore Olympics”.  Try now at

The featurette gives all-day access to scores, results, schedules, medal counts, and athlete profiles from the London Olympics.

The athlete profiles give the Name of the Athlete, their Sport, and the Events and Records they hold.


With Bing, Microsoft has made it even easier to get accurate TV schedules, something that we all TV watchers desperately crave. Without good schedules, it’s hard to make time for the events we want to watch. No longer is this the case.


imageBing also provides neat features such as Olympic Medal Tallies. Want to see the Opening Ceremony  or take a trip down memory lane? Bing gives you all the dramatic moments of Olympic history.



It’s good to see that Microsoft’s search engine is just not sitting still. New features and specials endear the search engine to the searcher. And Bing has done just that.


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