Microsoft Wins Sales Ban in Germany against Motorola

AMSTERDAM— Microsoft was successful in banning the sales of Motorola Android devices that use the FAT file system for the phone’s internal storage. Germany’s Manheim court banned the phone this Friday only effective in Germany. Microsoft claims it had to ban the sales because Motorola was infringing on the FAT patent. FAT( File Allocation Table) is a prominent Windows technology used for media and file systems. The banned phones include the very popular Motorola Atrix, the Droid Razr Maxx, and the Droid Razr.

“Today’s decision, which follows similar rulings in the U.S. and Germany, is further proof that Motorola Mobility is broadly infringing Microsoft’s intellectual property,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft had patented the FAT technology as a “common name space for long and short file names.” Because the FAT system only supports small and short names, Microsoft used FAT to allow users to easily name images and videos in their USB flash drivesand other portable drives.

Microsoft expressly stated that it would continue to pursue injunctions and legal action against infringing Motorola phones. It also stated that Motorola should do the right thing and start licensing the Microsoft technology for its phones….as other Android manufacturers have been doing for quite some time now.


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