Report: Microsoft to Block Dell from Manufacturing Tablet

Microsoft Surface / Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft will reportedly block Dell from manufacturing a Windows RT tablet. The Software giant is expected to be much more discreet and prudent when selecting partners to produce its Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets. Microsoft has already given the go-ahead for Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, and Lenovo…  all of them  produce high-quality products and have been making great Windows PCs for the majority of this and last year.

Dell’s unwillingness to manufacture  a tablet was reported by a Business Insider’s Interview, in which Dell hesitantly said it would release Windows tablets in the coming future. Analysts argue it is likely that Microsoft may be prohibiting them from launching one this year… factors such as their flat marketing, may be the reason Microsoft could have forced Dell to wait. This could be a sign of Microsoft playing tough love and doing what is best for the Windows eco-system… even if it means it may alienate a long-time partner and friend.

Microsoft will reportedly lift the heavy restrictions next January… but analysts say that the tough love may produce a nicer and more polished Windows 8 tablet experience.

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