Windows 8 Official Date?

Posted by  walterjK1  7/23/2011 @the Windows 8 Forums      

win-8 start screenMicrosoft has announced the availability of Windows 8… It is now scheduled for October 26 of 2012. Now the race is on whether or not Microsoft can succeed this Holiday season. I always kinda of thought Windows 8 would ship before the holiday season but deep down inside I still had my doubts.

We have to remember that Microsoft re-engineered Windows 8 from the ground up. To say the least, this is no easy job. Microsoft also made Windows 8 available for the first time in the ARM architecture.

Of course, if Microsoft is able to pull it, it will be launching Windows 8 into a hungry market who has grown bored of the iPad and wants to experience something fresh and new.


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One thought on “Windows 8 Official Date?

  1. hmm… good points, I kinda feel that Windows 8 was meant to be shipped before the Holiday season… Microsoft was already too late to keep on postponing… the earlier the better but of course, you can’t rush genius… I rather wait a little more and get a better product.

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