Microsoft Introduces New Popularity Feature for Bing


Microsoft has quietly launched a new feature for its search engine Bing. Linked Pages ( still in Beta)  allows you to gain control of your online presence and how you appear in the web. Try it now at


“Want your friends from Facebook to find the pages that are really about you when they search on Bing, and help them show up better in Bing results, too? “When you link to pages about you or your friends from Facebook, your friends see those results grouped higher in Bing search than the results for people who share the same name.”— Bing Linked Pages

imageLinked Pages is a new and improved way of getting noticed by your friends while you remain in control. Simply click the Link Me box under each site that you proudly own or describes you. In this case, I linked to my Twitter account and the Premier Microsoft Facebook Pageyou can add your LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, or individual articles…. Now you are done! If you have ever had problems with who is the “real you” when you search a site, Bing’s Linked Pages will now associate you to the online content that is yours.

my bing linked pages

Now your friends will see how popular and recognized you are across the web. Bing also ranks your Linked Pages across searches of your name.


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