Apple Distracted, Macs get Hacked


Last week, Russian developer and hacker Alexey Borodin hacked Apple’s In-App Purchase system in iOS. The In-App Purchase system allows iPhone and iPad users to purchase items from iOS apps. The hack broke the in-app purchase system, essentially making purchases free… while Apple did announce a fix, the Cupertino Giant was too busy patching holes in iOS to note another hack to its products.

Borodin successfully infected Macs with the same bug he infected iOS. Mac users now don’t have to pay for items inside of apps. That may be good news for users… but it is nothing short of disastrous for Apple. The iPad makergets paid a 30% chunk of all app activity… with no money coming in from apps, Apple has suffered significant losses.

Things got ugly quick. Apple immediately took measures to bridle the Russian hacker; but Borodin successfully evaded the company and managed to keep the hack going…

If things couldn’t get more tense, Apple canceled Borodin’s PayPal account… the hacker simply switched to the age-old tradition of donations.

Apple has not issued a fix for the Mac hack as of yet… users can continue to get stuff for free in their Mac apps.

We will keep you posted of any changes.


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