Strong Lumia Sales Drive Windows Phone Market Share to 4%

LOS ANGELES— Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone market Share is at an all-time of 4%.

Nokia was responsible for the increase due to its 4 Million Lumia 900 sold, which in and out of itself, was a 200% jump from last year’s results.


Credit: Microsoft

Developer interest in Window Phone, a key indicator of the validity of a phone platform, has steadily incremented… nearing this April, Microsoft announced they had a very respectable 100,000 apps in the Windows Phone marketplace.

Analysts forecast Windows Phone to steadily grow, although not by much. Nokia’s Lumia 900 is expected to be the key driver of Windows Phone market share… previously IDC and Gartner had reported Windows Phone would crush the iPhone, and hold second place title to Android.

Windows Phones have a very surprisingly vocal and eager following…Windows Phones are the top-rated phones in Microsoft claims that people’s satisfaction with their phones is a sign that they are doing things right.

The coming launch of Windows Phone 8, a revamped and re-engineered OS, is expected to continue market acceleration for Windows Phone. In particular, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 to be the debut of NFC, dual-core phones, and higher resolution screens.

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  1. Can you put Greek and from the Windows update without having to download the file from here … Go upgrade – non-important and after you see the languages there can do the update for Greek

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