Microsoft Launches Office Web Apps Preview

On the eve of launching the Office 2013 Preview, Microsoft has stayed true to its Office lineup and provided a preview of the Office Web Apps. The Web Apps are small, web-versions of Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel, that allow users to quickly edit and create files on the fly.

word web app previewYou can try the new Office Web Apps right now. Click on this link to get access to the preview via SkyDrive.

In a rather lengthy web post, Microsoft elaborates on the on the new design considerations for the Web Apps:

We’ve improved performance significantly. The UI has been updated to have a more modern, cleaner look, with less distraction from your document’s content. There are even animations that make transitions feel smooth and fluid

Below are screenshots of the new Web Apps Preview…

word web app 

The new features include:

  • Word count in the Word Web App – Yes, finally…
  • Find in OneNote – There is a now a find textbox that makes it easy to search for a word .
  • Displaying videos in PowerPoint – Slideshows now will show videos and movies
  • Context menus throughout the applications – Right click is now supported
  • Better copy/paste, improved undo, and the ability to print in Excel.

one note web app

The company claims that the new Office Web Apps have been redesigned with performance and the cloud in mind. The apps have undergone significant overhaul in the UI, making them much more powerful and useful then before.

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