A Simple List to Customize Your Windows 8

A Simple List to Customize Your Windows 8

It’ s good to hear the excitement with Windows 8. The main Feature of Windows 8 is its fantabulous looks and Metro-Style Start Screen. Here is a list that will help you to make your Windows 8 more beautiful.

1. Lock Screen:

The first thing after boot, appears in your Windows 8 is its beautiful lock screen, that can be  changed  or remove simply by following some easy steps.

For selecting any other lock screen…

  1. Go to the PC settings, by clicking on the settings button on the Charms, then selecting change PC settings on the bottom of the charm.
  2. Now click on the Lock screen to select your new lock screen.

You can also choose the apps to run on the background, and get updates and notifications related to this chosen app.

To Disable the lock screen at the time of boot,

  1. Click Win + R, then type gpedit.msc, Now the local group policy editor opens,
  2. Now click on Administrative templates in computer configuration drop down, double click Control Panel
  3. Now open Personalization, Three options shown, select the last one named “Do not display lock screen,” Do not Display Lock screen window pops out, now select enabled and click OK.
  4. The lock screen is disabled.

2. Start Screen:

win-8 start screenYou can change the color of your start screen background in 25 different colors and choose a simple background graphic design out of 6 available designs

To customize the start screen:

  1. Just go to PC settings, click on start screen button,
  2. Select the background design and color you want to use at your start screen.
  3. You can toggle Zoom in and zoom out, of your start screen by pressing ctrl+mouse scroll.

To customize Start Screen tiles:

  1. You can Unpin, Uninstall, change size and turn a live tile off on your start screen
  2. By just clicking on that particular tile, a charm menu pops out at the bottom with available options.

Your User Account: Security is also a factor Microsoft likes to care about, they have given quite good importance to our system security.

Along with the main text password log in, a new feature named “Picture Password” has also been added to it. This feature lets you log in your system drawing some gesture on your log in screen. This security feature can only be enabled if you are using a touch enabled device.

Follow the steps to enable picture password feature:

1. Go to the PC settings, Click on Users

2. Now click on Create picture password, confirm your system password.

3. Click on the Choose picture button and Select the picture from Pictures folder of your local account that you want to use.

4. After selecting the pic, click on the Use this Picture button.

5.  Now you will have to

6. In the next log in, you will be able to use your newly created picture password or you can use your previous text password too.

Note: During log in, If you don’t get the gestures correctly five times continuously in a row, your log in window will directly switch back to the text password log in menu.

The picture password feature is really a fun method for log in, replacing our old alphanumeric passwords.


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