How To Edit and Mix an MP3 File


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Difficulty: Very Easy   Time: Considerable

Whether a musician or just an amateur, you want to get a shot at editing and mixing your own music. This tutorial will help setup and edit/mix an MP3 file

  1. Download MP3 Editor for Free, a free program that provides an amazing array of multimedia and editing features. MP3 Editor
  2. In the Welcome screen, select New File MP3 Editor Welcome screen
  3. Customize the Sample Rate and Channels. Higher sample rates make larger and hi-quality files. Stereo drives sound through two outputsMP3
  4. Assuming you have an exisiting song file, click Open in the Ribbonimage
  5. Select and Open the song you want to open… MP3, WAV, OGG, etc…MP3 Editor
  6. Wait until MP3 Editor processes the file….MP3 Editor
  7. On the bottom center, select the Zoom button, as shown below image
  8. After some zooming, the sound waves will look very small. Now look for a silent spot ( no waves ) and click that spot with your mouse…image
  9. Now go to the Ribbon. In the Editing tab, click Mix Fileimage
  10. Now select the file you want to mix into the first file… image
  11. The Paste Mix dialog box appears
  12. Select the part in % of the song that you want to mix…. In this example we select 30% image
  13. Select Insert Silence on the next option. image
  14. Press OK
  15. Wait for MP3 Editor to process the file MP3 Editor
  16. The second file is now mixed into the first file: In the case illustrated, 30% of  Chris Brown’s “Turn up the Music is now mixed to the first part of Justin Bieber’s “All Around the World”
  17. To continue editing, select a portion ( shown in Blue) and Amplify, Reduce Noise, Change speed, Fade, Echo, or Normalize the volume of the selected blue part, as shown below:MP3 Editor
  18. Congrats! You now have a mixed and edited MP3 song.

Note: Songs shown above:  © Universal Music Studios. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2012 Premier Microsoft. No part of this writing may be copied or use without permission. Email at

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