What is Disk Defragmenter?

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Disk Defragmenter

imageEasy Definition: Utility that orders fragments in Hard Driver in one continuous track

Detailed Definition: Disk Defragmenter is a utility that places all file fragments in the hard drive in an orderly, continuous track. This significantly increases the reading speed of the hard drive.


With the release of Windows XP, NFTS hard drive became the standard in computers. The new hard drive supports large storage… because of this, users were more likely to crowd the hard drive, creating a need for a defragmentation.
Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Where can I find Disk Defragmenter?

You can find Disk Defragmenter in your PC. Press the WINDOWS Key + “R” to get the Run command. Now type “dfrgui.exe”,  and click OK, as shown below: image

This will open the Disk Defragmenter, where you can analyze and defragment any of your disks, as required.



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