Microsoft Demos Windows 8 on New Hardware

TORONTO–   Microsoft demoed the latest build of Windows 8 on brand new hardware from the likes of Lenovo, HP, Acer and Asus.

Samsung Series 9 Among the new hardware shown, Microsoft CFO for Windows, Tami Reller, showcased the brand new Samsung Series 9  (2nd Generation) running Windows 8.  Reller also announced that Windows 8 development was on schedule and good to go this October.image

Reller continued to show new Windows 8 hardware. Next on the line-up was the super-thin “Macbook Air-esque” Acer Intel Laptop. The chassis is super thin and sports a full touch-screen. Lenovo Touch ScreenLenovo also came strong with a beautiful flat-panel touch screen, with wide screen angle and excellent touch response.

The hardware kept flowing with tablets powered by Qualcomm chips running Qualcomm tabletWindows RT. These smaller tablets still functioned smoothly and beautifully, running all the Windows 8 apps.

Last but not least were ARM tablets running Windows RT. Because Windows 8 on ARM works just like a Windows 8 Intel laptop… the experience remains the same even though the architecture is completely different.


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