How To Edit and Mix MP3 Files

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Difficulty: Hard              Time: Considerable

Whether you are a DJ or a beginner, editing and mixing music is an important skill. In order to edit and mix MP3 files, follow these steps.

  1. Download and Launch MP3 Editor for Free MP3 Editor for Free
  2. In the Welcome Screen, click New FileChoose a New File
  3. In the New Sample screen, select Sample Rate ( Higher is Better ) and the Channels ( Stereo is better) image
  4. At the top right, in the Ribbon, select Open to open an existing MP# file in your PC image
  5. Find and select the MP3 file that you will mix into and that you will edit . In this case, we chose Justin Bieber’s “All Around the World” MP3 track, as shown.Select a Music File
  6. We now wait until MP3 Editor processes the music file we chose. Just wait a little. Editor Processing Music
  7. After the file is done, select the Zoom+, at the bottom left, as is shown below….in order to edit, we need the file to be greatly zoomed… image
  8. After zooming, the green waves should be very small and distinct….now we can edit the fileMP3 Waves
  9. We are going to edit the file. Click on any portion you want to edit, and drag to create a blue highlight, as shown….. Click and Drag to Highlight
  10. In the Editing tab, under the Common, select Delete Delete Selection
  11. You will now be deleting the selected portion of the song.. ( in our example, we deleted the silence right before “All Around the World” starts
  12. Now just click to select where you want to mix the file…. a yellow marker will appearimage
  13. Now on the same Edit  tab, under the Extend option, select Mix File… this will allow you to mix a file into the current trackMix File
  14. Since the first track is a very dancy and club tune, in our example, we choose to mix a slower tune….so we chose to mix Drake’s The Motto…Select Music File
  15. Now select the part ( in %) that you want to mix… for our example, we will mix 50% of the The Motto into the first track, “All Around the World”Specify Mix File
  16. As seen above, you must specify Increase Selection, if the mixed file is larger than the original file
  17. Now Press OK… wait until the Editor is done..image
  18. Now you have a mixed file….
  19. To create fade-ins. Click and Drag to select a Blue Region. Go to Effects, and select Fade In( to go low volume to normal)…. the result of a fade-in is shown below….Fade In Effect
  20. To Create Fadeouts, highlight a Blue Region and Select Fade Out… the result is shown below…Fade Out Effect
  21. Finally, to Create Echoes…. click and drag to create the Blue Region… In Effects, click EchoEcho Effect
  22. Then, just fine-tune your echo settings or use the presets available…Specify Echo Settings
  23. This completes the tutorial. You now have and edited and mixed MP3 file… to save… Please SAVE FILE in .WAV, and then use a Converter tool to convert to MP3
  24. Congrats! Happy Editing and Mixing!

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Music depicted, © Copyright Universal Music Group. Please respect copyright when editing or mixing. Note that selling remixes of copyrighted music is illegal in the U.S.


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