Samsung To Adopt Windows Azure for SmartTV Televisions

REDMOND— Samsung Electronics Ltd. has announced they will adopt Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform, in order to power Samsung’s SmartTV infrastructure. SmartTV powers many high-end Samsung TVs, allowing customers to download and use dozens of apps tailored for their TV.Samsung SmartTV

With SmartTV servicing over 120 countries, Samsung chose Windows Azure to build a solid and reliable infrastructure for its customers.

“After extensive testing, Windows Azure is the cloud offering that met our exacting conditions,” said an official at Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business Division.

Microsoft followed the announcement with its own statement:

“Samsung Electronics’ Smart TV is taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Windows Azure,” said Bob Kelly, corporate vice president of Windows Azure at Microsoft. “Windows Azure gives Samsung the ability to focus on its business rather than having its technical team deal with problem-solving and troubleshooting issues.”

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