How To Install Adobe Flash Player

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Adobe Flash Player enables a lot of web and video animation on the Internet today. If you need to install Adobe Flash in order to view certain content on the web, just follow these steps.

  1. Launch your web browser (We recommend Internet Explorer 9) 
  2. Go to It looks like this:Adobe Flash Player
  3. Click the Download Now button (NOTE: It will usually have an added download that can be attached to it, like Google Toolbar or Google Chrome. You can check the box to opt out from installing Google Toolbar or Google Chrome). Google Toolbar Opt Out
  4. Depending on your browser, the next step is variable. If you’re using IE 9, click the Run button on the lower part of the screen. RunIf you’re using an earlier version of IE, click on the bar on the upper part of your screen and click Run. Other browsers require another but similar step. In almost every browser, the run option is usually available for downloaded .exe files.
  5. Another dialogue box comes from your computer after you select the run option, which is usually the “Do you want to allow this program to make changes on your computer?” Click Yes to install.
  6. After you click yes, another dialogue box will appear from the Flash program. It gives you the option whether to install updates automatically, to receive notifications to install updates, or to not install updates. Select the button that fits your preference. image
  7. Flash Player will begin to install after you select your option on the previous dialogue box. Adobe Flash Installation
  8. It may ask you to close certain programs, usually any web browser that is open. image
  9. After it finishes installing, click Finish.
  10. It will usually redirect you an Adobe web page that confirms installation.
  11. NOTE: You may have to install Adobe Flash on any other browsers you may have on your PC.

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