Apple Loses Against HTC in Patent War

SOURCE: Yahoo! Finance and Zacks Equity Research

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Having won consecutive injunctions against both Samsung and HTC, iPhone and iPad maker Apple seemed to be rolling in victory. Things came to an abrupt end when London High Court Christopher Floyd sided against Apple.

The court ruled 3 of the 4 Apple patents as invalid. Apple was also defending its touch-screen technology patent, but the court ruled that HTC was not  infringing on Apple’s touch-screen patent.

HTC’s win comes as a damper to Apple’s string of legal wins…many against Motorola and some even versus Microsoft. Too often Cupertino is guilty of pursuing trivial issues in its legal battles and this case is just one example.

Apple is expected to continue its legal wars against Motorola, Microsoft, HTC, and Samsung. So far, the results from these wars have been less than positive… and amounting too little results.

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