Why I left Mac for Windows: Editor’s Top 4 Reasons

Apple-and-MicrosoftTechnology is a wonder. It’s meant to entertain us, to improve our lives, and to help. But inside the lovable and lust-worthy tech world is a hi-tech stakes game to be the best and most dominant. Microsoft and Apple are two ambitious competitors of this high-stakes game. Tech pundits have likened the PC- Mac War to political parties. Each have their own spokesmen (Paul Thurrot for Microsoft)( Brian Thong for Apple)…their own headquarters and battlegrounds… one lives in the snowy landscapes of Washington, while the other lives in tech-buzz of Silicon Valley.

For most of my life, I’ve been a Windows guy…as Apple has grown in prestige and power, it has become easier to loathe everything Apple. Of course, I have to be careful to base my anti-Apple thesis on the products and technology… if not, I risk become a biased Apple-loathing person that most people don’t wana meet…So here’s my  tech rationale why I loathe Apple and cling to Windows….

Reason 1:  UI

Mac OSX LionAnyone out there is interested in the looks of their computers- Windows delivers here. Mac …not so much. Windows 7 has beefy looks, a clean interface, uncluttered look and a lot of familiar controls. In contrast, Mac OS has very linear looks, a rather cluttered look, and less familiarity, introducing a lot of new terms, concepts, menus, and other interfaces that most people find it hard to cope with.

Windows seems “friendlier” and more accessible. Apple can be accused of “trying too hard” to be different. Familiar things attract consumers… the friendlier things are, the better. The majority of PC users need a simple and clean way to interact with a computer… this becomes apparent if you have ever tried to help your mom or dad troubleshoot a problem. It is foolish to think that people want nothing less than an uncluttered space where they  can master the computer. Different is not always better… throughout OS developement there have been different designs and innovations… but that doesn’t mean they will go with consumers.

Reason 2: Ease of Use

Windows has always been easier to use. Even though Apple jumped early on the Graphical User Interface (GUI), it has been Microsoft that has truly developed a simple and familiar computing experience for the average “Joe” From the concept of the “Start Button” to the Desktop, Windows attempts to become part of a person’s life, and strives to become that one “friend” you will need when work deadliens start approaching. Ease of Use not only translates into more satisfied customers, but also it translates into efficiency and

File:Windows Calendar.png

productivity… and who are we to tell people what they can and can not do? As a professional and graphics developer, I use my Windows PC for pretty much everything… and that includes the hairy prospects of editing graphics for Premier Microsoft. I cannot begin to tell you how important the ease-of-use factor is…. it becomes so apparent when things need to be done quickly. I know tons of Windows users… who love Windows, not just because of the breadth of apps or Microsoft’s amazing development and features… but simply because ” it just works.” A Windows PC is a no-brainer… a newbie, perhaps? Just grab yourself aDummies Book for Windowsand you are all set… establishing a convenient platform for both consumer and professional alike is one of the many things Microsoft has done with Windows.

Reason 3: Price

-Windows PCs generally start at $500 up to more or less 1 Grand.

The cost to upgrade an existing PC is from about $120 to about $400 depending on seller and desired version

In contrast, Macs are simply expensive, generally around the 1000 dollar mark with very little price variants. The cost to upgrade existing Macs is not so expensive but still should be free considering the Benjamins involved for the initial hardware.

Reason 4: Options

-For Mac users, there are basically 2 options..MacBooks or iMacs( Mac Desktops). There are generally only a handful of different MacBooks and iMac versions available for sell…so if you don’t find your desired hardware in one locale, there is little to find in others. As for Windows, there are varieties in abundance… hundreds of Hardware Manufacturers including Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung Lenovo, churn great looking- hardware. If you don’t find your desired fit in a Dell show room, check out Toshiba’s line-up. If not there, there are options in Sony, Dell, and Lenovo. In addition, these options multiply since there are different prices, sizing, versions, models, categories of different PCs- you are bound, with so many options, to find the computer of your dreams.

Bottom line: For a techie, there is no problem to consider a Mac, provided that you enjoy the MacOS and won’t give-up from your initial frustration. For those newbies, a Windows PC ( especially laptop) is best, as it provides familiarity speed, security, and reliability( There are nearly 2 Billion worldwide Windows users; if you happen to have a question, tons of people know your problem and can help you. For me Windows is better because I can focus on my work without having to figure out quirky Apple names, and learn weird gimmicks and “newly designed gestures.” Windows is truly “ Life without Walls.

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