Upgrade your WinXP, WinVista or Win7 to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

Upgrade your WinXP, WinVista or Win7 to Windows 8 Pro @$39.99

In a promotional Activity, this Monday Microsoft announced that the users will be able to upgrade their current windows to new windows 8 pro at just $39.99 by internet download, for a limited time and for DVD backup they will have to pay $15(+shipping & handling) extra. Apart from the internet download, the boxed DVD will be available in retail stores at just $69.99. They promised to avail the windows 8 pro upgrade for your current windows for very cheap prices before 1st of  January, 2013. Windows 8 Pro is best of the recently introduced windows 8 SKUs (Win8, Win8 Pro, Win RT) with the features like  BitLocker, Hyper-V, and the ability to join Windows domains as a plus.

windows 8 pro upgrade

If we compare the prices of  Win 7 upgrades and this upgrade, Win 8 is a way cheaper than previous upgrade, during promotions, Win 7 Home premium and Win 7 Professional was introduced at $49 and $99 respectively. Another advantage of this promotional upgrade will result you get a free Media center add-on which is not all free in win 8. Talking about the prices of this upgrade, Analyst Stephen Baker of the NPD Group said, “I would call this a fair price, but aggressive?.”

Explaining the upgrade download, Microsoft illustrated that the download is totally resumable and the downloaded upgrade files can be installed instantly or later by creating other media , with which you will be able to use the files as back up for other installations.

Although upgrade prices for windows 8 is a way cheaper than the win 7 yet the other rival OSs are also coming with their cheapest prices like Apple’s OSX mountain lion with just $19.99. Well like previous times windows does not care much about Apple’s OS, and in my opinion, other OSs will always be secondary in comparison to Windows and this time the new Windows 8 is much fancy and awesomely loaded to take on any other Operating system in market.

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