RIM in Heaps of Trouble : Microsoft is their only Hope

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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Image via CrunchBase

Microsoft may be compelled to purchase at least one the fledging wings of RIM”s failing business. RIM, known for making BlackBerrys and the BlackBerry ecosystem, has seen its empire crumble under itself. Analysts are now saying that Microsoft or even Google could save the some of the company’s assets.The Canadian company has seen its stock plummet to near extinction… shares have fallen 18% and from its glorious days, RIM is worth just a humble 4.1 Billion in market cap. These are gloomy days for BlackBerry fans… and gloomier still for the employees at RIM.

BlackBerry® Curve™ 9350/9360/9370

BlackBerry® Curve™ 9350/9360/9370 (Photo credit: Official BlackBerry Images)

It’s the beginning of the end. And for those who work at RIM, the situation is nothing short of horrendous : stock has fallen 70%, BlackBerry 10 OS has been postponed to 2013, and on top of that… employees are getting the “You are fired” lectures on a constant basis…So is there hope….

English: Windows Phone 7.5 Start

English: Windows Phone 7.5 Start (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIM needs to move quickly… quickly than ever before. Their only hope is adopting Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, which has now reached some 80,000 apps and has reached a mature level of development. The BlackBerry maker can also switch gears and become a tablet maker for Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS

The last resort would be a straight-up acquisition inquiry… in which Microsoft, not Google would make the more reasonable buyer. One thing’s for sure…. the BlackBerry’s best days are surely behind it.

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